Akai Combo Skill Guide


Passive – Tai Chi

Every time a spell is cast, Akai will receive a shield that on top of his maximum health that blocks 8% of damage taken. Lasts 2 seconds, can only take effect every 2.5 seconds.


1st Skill – Thousand Pounder

Jump into the target area, dealing physical damage to enemies after landing, targets within the marked area will also be stunned for 2 seconds.


2nd Skill – Blender

Fires a frog shaped shock wave at the enemy, shock wave will explode on contact with the enemy or once it reaches maximum range, dealing physical damage, marking enemies for 5 seconds, basic attacks on marked targets will deal an extra 5% of Akai’s maximum health as physical damage.



Ultimate Skill – Hurricane Dance

Spins like a tornado for 3.5 seconds and starts hitting targets. Each collision will knock back the target and deal magic damage. After casting, removes all CC effects present on self, during the duration Akai will be impervious to all CC and have increased movement speed by 30 points.


Combo Skill Guide

1. Start off by casting the 2nd skill Blender on the target, make sure the skill hit the target in order to give mark to the target.



2. Once the target has been marked, immediately cast 1st skill Thousand Pounder on the target. When the target is hit by this skill while marked, the target will be stun for 2 seconds.




3. Next, when the target is stunned cast the ultimate skill Hurricane Dance to damage and knock back the target in any direction that you want.



4. When you are knocking the target back, make sure you could trap the target to the nearest wall or obstacle. In this case, the target could not escape using any skills nor spell like Flicker. Nearby allies could also start to hit the target in this situation giving you a kill or an assist.



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