Building an Effective Set-Up of Emblem Set for Lancelot



As you all know, choosing an effective Emblem Set to use for a certain hero is one of the basic strategies of a player. Maybe some of player is not paying attention on what set of Emblem is the most suitable for that hero or the most suitable to use based on Enemy Team Composition.

As everyone knows, the most suitable Emblem Set for Lancelot is the Custom Assassin Emblem Set isn’t just because of its name but the effective attributes it gives.


Custom Assassin Emblem


Custom Assassin Emblem Set gives different attributes that will be really effective for Lancelot. Its base stats give;

 Physical ATK that will increase the damage of Lancelot’s basic attacks and skills

Physical PEN that will be very useful to ignore some Physical Defense stat of the enemy

Crit Chance that will increase the possibility of dealing critical damage

Movement Speed that will help Lancelot to move faster

CD Reduction that will lessen the cool time of Lancelot’s skills

But which Talent will help Lancelot to unleash his power? This is what this lesson all about. In this lesson, I’m going to discuss the different Talent that Custom Assassin Emblem had and its attributes along with its effectiveness.

Tier 1


In this Tier, there are 3 different Talent. These are Bravery, Mastery and Agility.



This Talent gives 4/8/12 points of Physical ATK. Adding points on this Talent will increase Lancelot’s basic attack and skills damage that will be useful on poking the enemy or killing minions and destroying turrets.



This Talent gives 1.50%/3%/5% CD Reduction. Adding points on this Talent will lessen the cool time of Lancelot skill that will be useful on poking the enemy by skills or clearing minion waves using skills with a shorter cooldown.



This Talent gives 2%/4%/6% additional Movement Speed. Adding points on this Talent will increase Lancelot’s ability to move around.


Tier 2


This Tier is contained of 3 different Talents. These are Invasion, Fatal and Bloodthirst.



This Talent gives 2/4/6 points of Physical PEN. Adding points on this Talent will help Lancelot on dealing more damage by ignoring target’s physical defense. This will be good against tanks with high points of Armor.



This Talent gives 1.20%/2.40%/3.60% Crit Chance. Adding points on this Talent will increase the possibility of dealing critical damage.



This Talent gives 1.50%/3%/5% Spell Vamp. Adding points on this Talent will restore some of HP based on the damage that the skill dealt. This Talent works well on heroes with skills that can hit multiple targets like Lancelot.


Tier 3


This last Tier provides stronger effects in different ways. Its consist of 3 talents that are really effective on Lancelot. These are Bounty Hunter, High and Dry and Killing Spree.

Bounty Hunter


This Talent gives extra 125 Gold from Hero kills (max 1250 gold). This Talent is good on snowballing. This will give Lancelot an extra gold reward every time he kills an enemy. This will help him to get his items much faster.

High and Dry


This Talent increases Lancelot’s damage by 6% on the enemy hero when he is the only nearby hero. This Talent is works well on Lancelot in terms of assassinating an enemy. Adding point on this Talent will allow him to deal more damage on the target when he the only hero nearby. This Talent is good on laning an enemy one on one.

Killing Spree


This Talent grants 8% HP by slaying an enemy and increasing movement speed by 10% for 5 seconds. Adding point on this Talent will give Lancelot some healing when he killed an enemy and increases his movement speed. This will help Lancelot in any phase of the game.



Recommended Emblem Set

In this Emblem Sets, I decided to add points on Mastery to increase the Cooldown Reduction instead of Bravery to have shorted cool time of the skill. This will help in poking the enemy with skill with shorter cooldown.


This Emblem Set gives Lancelot enough damage, cooldown reduction and extra gold for every hero kills.


1. Use this Emblem Set to snowball faster and get item faster.

2. This Emblem Set gives a total of 10% CD Reduction in the start of the game, be sure to make use of it.



This Emblem Set gives a decent amount of poke damage and Cooldown Reduction. This Emblem Set is very effective on facing an enemy one on one with its bonus damage.


1. When using this Emblem Set, facing an enemy one on one will increase damage. Always make use of it and take it as advantage.

2. This will be good on assassinating an enemy alone.



This Emblem Set gives a decent damage and Cooldown Reduction that will be good on poking an enemy in the early game. With the talent Killing Spree, this will give Lancelot some sustain every time he killed an enemy.


1. Every time Lancelot killed an enemy he gains some percentage of his HP, this will help him to survive a fight.

2. Every time he killed an enemy, his movement speed increases. Use this to move around to make a new play or disengage.

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