Best Emblem Talent for Irithel


Irithel is a unique marksman. She is the only marksman that can attack in any angle but what makes her unique is she fires three arrows as a basic attack. As a hero, Irithel is very squishy. In this article, I will be tackling about the best emblem talent for Irithel that will help and use her unique basic attack its full potential.


There are many emblems in the game but there is one emblem that is perfect for Irithel. Before getting the main talent this is the talent path should be upgraded.




This talent adds Irithel’s critical chance by 3.60% when fully upgarded, which is a must for a marksman since they are one of the main damage dealer.




This talent increases the attack speed of Irithel by 5.00% when fully upgraded. This is one of the most important talent a marksman should have. The faster the attack speed the better.


And finally the Main talent:


This is the Weakness Finder Talent. This is under the Marksman Emblem, you can get this when your emblem is level 40.


What does this Talent do?

Basic attack has a 20% chance of reducing the target’s movement speed by 90% and attack speed by 50%. This effect has a 2 seconds cooldown.


Why is this the best emblem for Irithel?

Other marksman needs more basic attack just to trigger this talent. For Irithel, she can trigger this every after basic attack but there are time it triggers every basic attack.




Attack (triggers talent) + Attack + Attack (triggers talent)

Attack (triggers talent) + Attack (triggers talent)


You will know that the talent is triggered when the enemy has an electricty like in its body.


But remember that Irithel fires 3 arrows as a basic attack, this talent will trigger one of her arrow and not every arrow.


Imagine triggering this talent in every basic attack, this will help Irithel big time since she is squishy and this will slow down the enemy that is attacking her. This will be a best combo for her second skill that slows down the enemy plus the slowdown effect of the talent.




The best part, the talent says that it only triggers with basic attack but with Irithel? She can still trigger this with her ulti too!


I hope you enjoyed this article. Go ahead, try Irithel with Weakness Finder Talent and see the full potential.

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