Expert Kagura Guide

The Way of Expert (#1)

“From beginner to professional in no time”


Written by Unit | 4E



Before Getting Started

There is few things you should know/mastered before reading this guide :

1) Already mastered both Kagura basic and intermediate aspect.

2) Know how to play Kagura properly. If not, Please read “How to Play Kagura for Beginners” and “Kagura Guide for Intermediate Players”.

3) Have lot of experience in Ranked Mode with Kagura.

4) Able to adapt with various team compositions while using Kagura.

5) This guide will discuss about Kagura gameplay from Early Game to Late Game.

6) This guide is full of text.





What You Should Do on Your Lane

In order to play Kagura effectively, there is several things you should know/do on your lane :

Kagura is hard laner hero, which mean you must able to control and dominate your lane, even on 1 vs 2 situation. Always utilize Kagura 1st skill to control lane.

Always clean up your lane before jungling or roam to another lane.

Report to your teammate if someone missing from your lane.

If you are on disadvantage position, play defensively.

Pay attention to mini map. This will prevent you from being ganked.







Early Game :

At early game, everyone start from level 1. Your main target is to reach level 4 as fast as possible. If you are going mid lane, try to reach level 4 at 1:30, sooner better.

After buying your item, go and clean up your lane first before jungling. The purpose is to get gold as much as possible. (Always do last-hitting)

Before buying other items, have “Hunter’s knife”, “Magic Necklace”, and “Boots” in your inventory first. (Kagura’s move speed and mana regen really terrible early game)

When you are already level 4, you can start roam to other lane for gank. Always clean up your lane first before roam.

When you are roaming to other lane, always target/gank opponent carry (Marksman, Mage, and Assassin). They will have trouble at late game if continuously being ganked.

Your main priority is to finish at least 2 core items.

Get “First Blood” if possible. But don’t risk yourself.


Mid Game :

At Mid Game, everyone will be around level 6-10, and usually game time is around minute +7:00.

Kagura usually shine at Mid Game (If you farm properly and some of your core item already finished).

At Mid Game, you will encounter a lot of team fight. Always help your teammate. If your team is on disadvantage position, try to avoid team fight.

Don’t be lustful for kill, stay calm, and help your teammate. Lust will bring trouble not only to you but also your team.

At least you already finished 3-4 core items before late game.

Always focus on destroying turrets rather than kill.

Gank opponent carry if possible.

Don’t solo or too far away from your teammates. Because your team (Tank) can’t always protect you.

At Mid Game, opponent Assassin will target you the most.




Late Game :

At Late Game, everyone will be around level 11-15, and the game time is around minute +13:00 till end of the game.

At least 5-6 core items already finished.

Although Kagura still have a high damage, she will face lot of trouble in Late Game. Because opponent carry (Assassin, Marksman) already have high damage in Late Game and Kagura will be their priority target.

Always target opponent Marksman and Mage if possible, because they have the highest DPS at Late Game. You can utilize sneak attack and gank.

Stay behind tank and avoid solo, because in Late Game, Kagura is not as durable as she was on Early Game or Mid Game.

Play smart, win or lose, it depends on your gameplay and your teamwork.










Item Build



Additional Info and Tips :

Most expert players already have their own unique build that suit with their gameplay. You can copy other player build as well. But it is recommended to make your own item build. Here I’ll share my favorite personal build.

Due to Kagura’s move speed, I usually buy “Rapid Boots” because it increases Kagura’s move speed.

Because I prefer durability and damage, I choose “Clock of Destiny” as my second core item. It provide Kagura with bonus max Hp and max MP and also magic power.

Next item is “Glowing Wand” for extra penetration and magic power.

Concentrated Energy” provides max Hp, magic power, and also bonus 30% spell vamp. Because this item provide both damage and durability, I choose this item as my core item

The fifth item is “Calamity Reaper” for extra magic power and CD. This item passive allows you to deals pure damage that equal to your 120% magic power.

The last item is “Blood Wings” for extra magical power and durability.






Hunter’s Knife                      Pillager’s Axe     or     Curse Sword


Before buy your items. Buy “Hunter’s Knife” as your first item, then set “Pillager’s Axe” or “Curse Sword” as priority. If you prefer durability, choose “Pillager’s Axe”. If you prefer fast jungling, choose “Curse Sword”






Magic Necklace                    Boots


Before buying level 2 jungling item, have “Magic Necklace” and “Boots” first. This will give Kagura small mp regen and move speed early game.




Battle Spells


Because Kagura mostly play as a carry, she needs to finish her items as fast as possible. “Retribution” allows Kagura to farm faster and stealing opponent jungle monster become possible.






Emblem and Talents

Mage Emblem


My favorite emblem for Kagura is level 60 (max level) Mage Emblem with talents below :

Agility, for extra movespeed.

Observation, for penetration.

Impure rage, allows skill to deal damage equal to 4% of target’s current Hp as magic damage and restore 3% Mana. This effect has 5 seconds cooldown.



Hero Relationship Graph

Best Teammate



Akai           Johnson         Hylos        Chou


All expert players can get along with any heroes. But Kagura best teammates are tank and crowd control heroes.




 Saber               Harley              Aurora          


  Clint              Lesley            Odette       Yi Shun Shin


Expert Kagura player able to counter almost all heroes even their counters. But they mostly target Marksman and Mage.


Countered by


     Hayabusa      Lancelot      Fanny


Expert Kagura player also has their own limit. They usually have hard time against heroes mentioned above.


Possible Counter


Gusion        Lancelot


If you have a whole different level of gameplay, it is possible for Kagura to win against Gusion or Lancelot although it hard and need lot of efforts. But, it’s highly recommended to play safe.

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