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Lunox is one of the newly added mage hero in the game. For some, they might find her skills a little bit complicated to understand because of the different effects it can give depending on which skills you will use. For this guide, I will try to explain as simple as possible her skills for you to be able to understand it faster and easier.


Passive: Dreamland Twist

Lunox has lost all sense of time and reality. As a result, she does not benefit from CD reduction effects. When Darkening becomes more sever, CD effects become magic PEN. When Brilliance becomes stronger, CD effects become double resist.

Her passive skill can be a little confusing at first because of her two powers, the darkness and brilliance. For her passive skill, this technically translates that any cooldown reduction affects you can gain for equipment/gear items including emblem set will not affect her set of skills instead it will convert this to different attributes depending on what state she is in.

If you are in brilliance mode, your CD reduction effects will be converted to armor and magic resistance which means you can be very durable at this state. With this state, whenever you buy items with cooldown reduction effects, this CD will be added to your defense stats and will be doubled.

On the other hand, if you are in darkness mode your cooldown reduction items will be converted to magic resistance which can make you a high damage mage hero at this state.

From these two states you can convert yourself, you can either be a durable (brilliance state) or darkness (high damage mage) hero.

These passive is quite very unique unlike other heroes because you can easily change the state you are in at any given time.

Before we go further with the discussion of Lunox skills, let me explain to you the different state you can transform into. You might be confused already with the term Brilliance and Darkness and how can you transform from one state to another.

When we talk about the different state you are in, we are actually talking about the different skills Lunox possess. When you are using her first skill, you are actually activating the brilliance state and the passive ability will trigger its effect. You can easily see which state you are in by the light indicator you can see on the top of Lunox with a yellowish color. It is also important to note that this indicator will be shown glowing on the left side of the bar.








Now if you want to trigger your darkness state, you need to use your second skill more inorder for it to be activated. When it has been activated, you can see that the color yellow glow will disappear from the left and purple color will be shown on the right side of the bar just above your heroes head.





With this passive skill, you can clearly see the potential of Lunox in the game. She can easily transform herself to 2 types of mage heroes.  Also her ultimate skill will change depending on which state you are in. The details of her different ultimate skill will be further discuss as we progresses with this guide.








Starlight Pulse

Lunox summons a rain of starlight upon nearby enemies and deals 200 (+110% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage, recovering 60 (+20% Total Magic Power) HP. The recovering effect doubles when the skill hits enemy heroes. Passive: Effect strengthen with each stack of Twilight.

Cooldown:  2

Skill Consumption: 60/65/70/75/80/85

Basic Damage:  200/230/260/290/320/350

HP Regeneration: 60/66/72/78/84/90


For Lunox first skill, you can also say that this is her regenerating ability and at the same time your burst damage ability which is quite effective when you are in a close combat with a lot of enemies in the field. This ability can greatly help you deliver great damage to enemies and help your team win the game when the timing is right.





You might be wondering why is it that from the figure, Lunox has activated her first skill but the darkness color above her head is glowing. The reason behind it is that I previously had 2 glowing darkness above my head when I was playing the game, you need to keep using your first skill to remove the darkness state. So when you have 2 darkness light on you need to use your first skill 3 times to change to brilliance state.

Chaos Assault

Lunox unleashes chaos energy forward, dealing 240 (+120% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and slows enemy units. When attacking heroes, Lunox deals a bonus 3% of the enemy hero’s HP in Magic Damage. Passive Effect: Gains one stack of Chaos.

Cooldown:  2

Skill Consumption: 40/46/52/58/64/70

Base Damage:  240/260/280/300/320/340

Added Damage:  3%/3.5%/4%/4.5%/5%/5.5%


For your second skill, this will be your maiming skill because you can slow them down and still inflict damage on a straight direction of your path. This will help you chase down enemy when escaping in the field. This will translate to a skill that can counter tank enemy heroes because your damage is base on enemies HP.







Cosmic Fission

Lunox uses a fusion of energy to deal energy in a fan-shaped area, dealing points of Magic Damage to a target enemy unit and slows them by 60%

Cooldown:  10/9.5/9/8.5/8/7.5

Skill Consumption: 70/80/90/100/110/120

Base Damage:  300/340/380/420/460/500


Your third skill is your AOE damage ability that can deliver massive damage on multiple enemies and at the same time slows them down by 60% thus making them easier to maim.













Order and Chaos

Lunox is twisted by the powers of chaos and order. Every time she uses her powers they become stronger. When she uses the power of order, she gains Brilliance and deals continuous damage in an invulnerable state. When she uses the power of chaos, she gains Darkening and deals damage to enemies in a fish-shaped area.

To make it easier for you to understand the ultimate skill of Lunox, you will have two unique ultimate skills depending on which state you are in. It can be in the darkness or the brilliance state. To further understand this skill, let us discuss the different ultimate skills Lunox possess.


Power of Chaos: Darkening

Lunox blinks in designated direction and deals magic damage to nearby enemies. For 4 seconds, Chaos Assault does not have cooldown.

When you are in this state, you are able to blink from one place to another in a linear direction and as you blink from that direction your chaos assault will have no cooldown and you can continuously use this for a short period of time. This skill is very useful in many ways depending on what situation you are in.

a. When you are running away from your enemy and trying to flee from the battle field, you can use this as your escape skill and it will make it easier for you to run away and survive the battle.


b. When chasing enemy heroes, you can use this to bridge the gap between you and your enemy and at the sametime deliver a massive damage and kill them at a given situation.


c. When entering in a team clash, you can actually use this skill to engage a battlefield and continuously harass your enemy.






Power of Order: Brilliance

Lunox enters the light Barrier and deals magic damage per second to nearby enemies. While this skill is active, she is immune and cannot be targeted.


On the other hand, when you’re in the brilliance state. You will become invulnerable and deals damage to your enemy, you can use this skill to escape them and at the same time deliver high damage to them.





When choosing which item to pick for her, even though she is not affected by CD effects, still try to pick CD items for it will make you more durable in the game or it can improve your magic damage.

Lunox is a mage hero with a lot of ability, it might take some time to get use to her different skills but when you are able to master her, you can easily see the result on how much deadly she is in the game.

Experiment on her different skills to make a great combo to use.


 MGL Super_mario

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