Lunox FAQs

Hey Legends! This is Engr. JM, at your service!

This guide will focus about Lunox and some Frequently Asked Questions about her.


I. Hero Specialty

II. Hero Weakness

III. Skill Introduction




I. Hero Specialty

5 Skills



No cooldown Burst Damage

II. Hero Weakness


No Anti Crowd Control

Weak farming Capabilty

III. Skill Introduction


Dreamland Twist

Lunox has lost all sense of time and reality. As a result, she does not benefit from CD reduction effects. When Darkening becomes more severe, CD effects become Magic Pen. When Brilliance becomes stronger, CD effects become double resist.


Skill 1: (Lunox has two Skill 1s, they are leveled up together)

Starlight Pulse

Lunox summons a rain of starlight upon nearby enemies that deals Magic Damage and recovers a certain amount of HP. The recovering effect doubles when the skill hits enemy heroes.

Passive: Effect strengthen with each stack of Twilight.


Use this skill to gain Brilliance, the Yellow Dots found above Lunox.

Chaos Assault

Lunox unleashes chaos energy forward dealing Magic Damage and slows enemy units. When attacking heroes, Lunox deals a bonus 3% of the enemy hero’s HP in Magic Damage.

Passive Effect: Gains one stack of Chaos.


Use this skill to gain Darkening, the Purple Dots found above Lunox.

Skill 2:

Cosmic Fission

Lunox uses a fusion of energy to deal energy in a fan-shaped area which deals Magic Damage and slowing enemies by 60%.







Ultimate Skill

Order and Chaos

Lunox is twisted by the powers of chaos and order. Everytime she uses her powers they become stronger. When she uses the power of order, she gains Brilliance and deals continuous damage in an invulnerable state.

When she uses the power of chaos, she gains Darkening and she can dash towards an area and Chaos Assault has no cooldown for a period of time.



1. What is the best Spell for Lunox?

Flicker is the best for her.


2. How should I level up Lunox Skills?

Max Skill 2 first since skill 2 has better damage and Cooldown scaling.

Max Skill 1 last.

Level Up Ultimate when available.

3. Can I move while using Lunox skills?

Be weary when casting skills because you pause for a while when a skill is cast.

Your Ultimate is the safest to use since you become invulnerable and the other gives dash.

4. How do I poke enemies or clear lanes?

Interchange between Brilliance and Darkening and constantly use skill 2 when available. Do not Max out Brilliance and Darkness with 2 dots.

Also use Brilliance more often in order to heal yourself, but always return to one dot of Brilliance.

5. When do I max out Brilliance and Darkness with 2 dots?

Only Max out Brilliance when running away.

Only Max out Darkening when it’s safe to chase an enemy.

6. When do I use Brilliance Ultimate?

a. Use to counter being ganked.

b. Use after being targeted in a clash so enemies will change target.

c. Use to reset your position to prepare for Darkening Ultimate.

7. When do I use Darkening Ultimate?

a. Use after Brilliance Ultimate.

b. Use to dash in or out of combat.

c. Use to deal Heavy Damage to your targets.

8. What is the Skill Combo for Lunox?

Always use Skill 2 when available.

Always be on guard by keeping one dot of Brilliance.

Use Darkening and Brilliance alternately but always end with one dot of Brilliance.

Combo starts at one dot of Brilliance:

Brilliance Ult > Chaos Assault > Darkening Ult > Unlimited Chaos Assault

9. What are the most essential items for Lunox?

Items with Cooldown to contribute to her passive.

10. What are your equipment builds for Lunox?

Sustained DPS helps Lunox survive more so she can deal even more damage.


11. What Emblem Set is best for Lunox?

Custom Mage Emblem Set with Impure Rage.




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