Jawhead is a flexible hero that can be played many ways. On lane, you can easily build up a lead by spamming your 1st skill (Smart Missiles) to clear creep waves fast. Then, go kill the jungle minion at the side of your lane for more experience and gold. 

Don't be afraid of spamming your 1st skill, just keep using it even if your enemy is nearby. If your enemy does not try to trade damage, then you get free poke. And if he does try to fight you, you get extra damage with your auto attacks thanks to your passive skill (Mecha Suppression). Of course, this only works if your opponent is also a melee hero. Otherwise, just keep clearing the wave and farming the jungle.

After you have leveled up your 2nd skill (Ejector) and maybe recalled to shop, it's time to act -- especially if you have a teammate on lane or coming to gank. When your opponent has taken enough poke from your 1st skill and is low, rush in with your 2nd skill to throw your opponent towards your teammate for an easy kill!

Once you're strong enough and have a decent advantage on lane, your opponent won't even be safe under his turret. Thanks to Jawhead's natural tankiness, you can simply dive in with your ultimate (Unstoppable Force) and toss them out of turret range to your teammate. Even better if your teammate has a stun to follow up.

If somehow you fell behind on lane, you can flip things around and use your 2nd skill to toss your enemy into your turret to force a fight. Of course, even if you're not losing, you can still do that cause it's fun

Keep in mind that your 2nd skill is super flexible and can be also used on your teammates. This means that Jawhead can also be an enabler (also known as an engager) to provide extra mobility to tanky teammates or heroes with crowd control, by tossing them onto the enemy. On the other hand, you can also use Jawhead's 2nd skill to save a dying teammate by tossing them away from harm's way, or save yourself by tossing your enemy in the opposite direction while you run away. Pros
+Very good passive
+Good mobility
+Good CC
+Natural tankiness

-Teammate reliant
-Difficult to play

Skill Build

Mecha Suppression – (Passive) Each time you deal damage to a target, you inflict it with a stack of Compression for 3 seconds up to 10 stacks. Each stack of Compression increases Jawhead’s basic attack damage dealt to the target by 8%. I like this skill that makes Jawhead a good fighter even building as a tank. Upon reaching the 10 stacks, you have 80% bonus damage on your basic attack. While some build him with attack speed and damage to make stack, in my build as you can see I focus on my defense to ensure that I can make a full stack without dying.

Smart Missiles – Body-mounted missiles enter launch state for 5 seconds, randomly firing up to 12 times. Each attack deals 80 (20% total Physical attack) Physical damage. Good for laning phase or even going to jungle for an easy solo kill. With solo target, you can make all these missiles hit your target for a heavy damage. This will be your spamming skill so make sure to level up this first next to your ultimate.

Ejector – Tap to enter the Ejector state, granting increases speed and a shield, then tap again to throw your closes target to a designated location, dealing 300 (+80% Total Physical attack) physical damage and briefly stunning the target and enemies in the area they land. (Prioritizes heroes. Can be used on teammates, but they won’t take damage). Good CC but also risky if you are going to use it in a team. Just make sure that you have a follow up from your teammate before initiating this attack.

Unstoppable Force – Locks onto a enemy target, charging into them and stunning them briefly, while knocking back enemy units around the target. Deals 400 (+250% Extra Physical attack) Physical damage to the target and the units surrounding them. This is one of the best initiating attack in game unleashing an AoE crowd control as well as decent damage of 400 + 250% additional damage. Powerful yet very risky especially if you get miscommunication with your team. Once cast, the title says it all, this is unstoppable and no turning back so commit to do a clash.


Bloodlust Axe - Rake up some kills anddamage with the Bloodlust Axe at your disposal.Your skills are vital in the early game to deal some damageso the bonuses of this item will be very useful for you.

More damage is a bonus but +10% Cooldown reduction would begreat so that you can use your skills earlier and faster, you can be morereliable in the battlefield with that on. Plus, this item also has spell vamp.Which lets you gain HP by dealing damage with spells, so its like life stealbut with spells and since you are spell-hungry take it.


Dominance Ice - Since Jawhead has good mobilityat the start of the game, you can skip the boots for now for this second item.

Dominance Ice gives you 700 mana, CDR, armor and more. Andthat’s not the best part. It has a passive that slows down your enemies givingyou the time to spam those skills to your opponents away.


Warrior Boots - Now should be the perfect timeto get some boots to gain more mobility in the battlefield.

Warrior Boots is a great way to go since you need to be moretanky for teamfights and to catch all the damage you may receive from theenemies. The boots also have this neat passive where you gain armor for everyattack received which is great so that you can deal more damage while takingsome.


Blade of Despair - This item gives you highdamage output, more attack speed and a passive that can give more damage to anenemy that got into an abnormal state which includes effects from crowd control.

Since Jawhead has crowd control, he can benefit from this.Alongside the power of attack speed and damage. Prepare to annihilate evenfurther with the Steel Sweetheart.


Immortality - Ahhh, tanking the game. Takingall those damage and trying to stay alive for your teammates to deliver damagesfrom your enemies. But armor isnt the only one you should be worry about.

Howabout those pesky magic power that your physical armor cannot protect? Well, Immortality gives that and more. Magic resistance ispart of the deal in this item.

With additional HP and an awesome passive that resurrects thehero you are controlling, in this case Jawhead and a chance to wreak havoc oncemore or retreat to prevent them to score a kill and give the enemies aleverage. Take this item for more survivability.


Bloodthirsty King - And nowfor the pièce de résistance, this item has two useful things. First, it givesoff a whopping +1550 HP for the hero.

Ultimately, making him a tough as nails tank as it could be.Jawhead would be harder to kill in battle. Jawhead’s a figher means he is meantto deal damage but with his natural tankiness in his initial build, you can gostraightforward to that route and make your teammates be happy with yourpresence in the game.

Not only that but if you do manage to get kills or assists,you will get 20% of regeneration in your HP in a fast time with a fast cooldownas well, this in mind, we can see that if we help fend off the enemy team, youcan guarantee your survivability.

There are multiple ways to build Jawhead depending on your playstyle preference. But for optimal results, we would suggest going slightly tanky using the first item build above, since Jawhead already has a great skill set that provides ample damage. So, your itemisation simply needs to keep you alive while you stick onto your target and continue wreaking havoc in your enemy's backline.

Mindset & Summary

Jawhead's unique ability to reposition both enemies and teammates make him an excellent playmaker who is capable to find creative ways to win fights -- and the game. Utilize your 1st skill for optimal farming and poke towards your enemy, then charge in with either your 2nd skill or ultimate when you have a teammate nearby to help you pick up easy kills. With your advantage on lane, you can then take the tower, push up your lane and rotate over to help out other lanes. Keep up the momentum and the game should be yours.


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