HERO SPECIALTY: (Initiator/Crowd Control) Crowd Control hero, high AOE Damage, Oppressive, Strong Laner.



All United (Passive)

Minsitthar inspires the whole team. whenever teammates slay the enemy heroes, he obtains extra 60 Gold; whenever Minsitthar himself slay enemies, all the teammates obtain extra 15 Gold.


If teammates kill enemy heroes, Minsitthar obtains extra 60 Gold.


If Minsitthar kill enemies-teammates obtains extra 15 Gold.


Even, if you’re not helping an ally to kill an enemy, you can obtain 60 gold. If you kill a hero without allies’ help, allies will receive 15 gold. Example:



1st skill Spear of Glory

Minsitthar stabs ahead with the Spear of Glory, dealing Physical Damage to all enemies along the way. He will also pull towards himself the first enemy the spear hits, dealing Physical Damage and knocks them back.



Minsitthar can cast faster this skill, pull an enemy towards you into a turret, ALSO, enemy minions will not be an obstacle to cast this skill.


Use 2nd skill after 1st skill to stun the enemy for secs. KEEP AN EYE ON IT.


On Teamwork: Minsitthar as an initiator can start attacking an enemy using 1st skill to pull toward you an enemy let your teammates to kill him/her. (PS: try to hook Damage heroes first. DON’T hook tank heroes first! But if an enemy ally is behind the tank, you can hook it.

Tip 3

You can use this skill if the enemy is trying to escape

This has a long distance.


2nd Skill Shield Assault

Minsitthar awakes the strength of the golden shield and releases the power within forward.

The power Explodes upon hitting the 1st enemy unit and deals Physical Damage to all enemies in the area. But the fist enemy will be stunned 1 seconds and the others knocked back.


Also gains a shield that can absorb damage and gains 20% of movement speed.



If enemy heroes are chasing you, use this skill-The first enemy will be stunned and the others will be knocked back. Also increases you Movement speed and gains you a shield that can absorb some dmg.


3rd Ultimate Skill King’s Calling

Minsitthar charges a short distance forward and calls 4 Royal Guards to form a field and fight together with him. Each attack of Royal Guard deals Physical Damage. When slaying in the area, Minsitthar increases 30 points of Physical and Magic Defense. Enemies within the field reduces Movement Speed and can not use directional Blink skills. (The Royal Guards can not move, but they’ll attack enemies in the field first.)


Enemy cannot use directional Blink skills.



PS: this can hit enemies if they get closer to the field.



This skill has high area Damage, try to use this skill on more than 3 targets.


Use a good combo of 1st skill + 2nd skill + Ultimate Skill.

Ultimate skill has high AOE damage, using 1st skill and 2nd skill before ulti will help you to suppress the enemy and increasing Ulti hit rate.


This skill charges in a short distance, use the grass to gank enemies and make a surprise attack. also, this skill allows you going through the walls.

COMBO-Attacking an enemy hero

1. Make sure your mana is full and skills are refreshed. Use 1st skill to pull an enemy toward you.

2. use 2nd skill to stun him/her.

3. Immediately use ultimate skill.

4. Use inspire spell to increase your attack speed.

5. Once CD of 2nd skill refreshed use it again to stun the enemy.

6. If the enemy is trying to escape use 1st skill to pull him/her toward you and kill it.


--Option 1--


1. “Warrior Boots” it will give you physical defense, will go up each basic attack received. If the enemy team has more magic damage better use“Tough Boots” it increases magic defense. If you roam a lot use “Rapid Boots”also passive: dealing or taking damage slows enemy movement spd.

2. “Bloodlust Axe” Phys. Atk, CD Reduction and Spell Vamp.

3. “Endless battle” to Phys attack, mana regens, HP, CD Reduction, Mov spd. Physical Lifesteal. And passive: basic attack deals additional 85%of Phys. Atk. As true dmg. And increase hero’s mov spd.

4. “Thunder Belt” to HP, Mana Regen, CD Reduction, Armor, passive: after skills, next basic attack deals bonus Atk. And slows enemy.

5. “Rose Gold Meteor” to phys. Atk. Magic RES, Lifesteal. Passive: generates a shield that absorbs dmg.

6. “Blade of Despair” to Phy.ATK, movement spd, critical chance and passive: raise hero’s Physical dmg.

--Option 2--

 1. Rapid Boots

2. Bloodlust Axe

3. Oracle: +HP, Magic RES, CD Reduction, Raises a shield absorption and HP regeneration effects.

4. Rose Gold Meteor

5. Blade of despair

6. Immortality: +HP, Magic RES, Resurrect upon death.

 Hunter Strike: this item will work out well on Minsitthar too, he has no efficient escapable skills, this item increases hero’s movement speed after attack 5 times. Has Phys Atk. And CD reduction.



(Best Option)-Petrify: to petrify enemies by secs and keep the enemy inside the field of Minsitthar Ultimate skill and increase his Hit Rate. Also, it deals magic dmg too.

Flicker: Minsitthar has non-efficient escapable skills, this spell will help you to teleport you in a certain distance.

Inspire: increases Atk speed.


Fighter Emblem Set




Bravery: increase Physical ATK


Invasion: Physical PEN

Vitality: increase HP


You can use Unbending Will or Disabling Strike.

Unbending Will: Every 100 lost HP increases damage by 0.2%, up to 10%.

Disabling strike: Skills will have an extra 15% slow effect. Last 2 seconds.

Use Physical if you don’t have unlocked Physical Emblem Set

Physical Emblem Set



Vitality: increase HP

Firmness: increase armor


Bravery: Increase Physical ATK

Fatal: Critical Chance


Open Fire: Dealing damage with skills increases physical attack by 5%. Last 3 seconds. This effect has a 6s cooldown.

Best teammates: others--- Alice, cyclops, Hanabi…

Eudora: she has a stun skill, she can help you to stun an enemy to increase ulti hit rate.

Aurora can freeze enemies for seconds, you can increase hit the rate on ultimate skill and CC enemies constantly.

Strong Against: others: odette, Akai…

Harith: Minsitthar ultimate skill unlock blink skills, Harith is almost useless without his 2nd skill.

Weak Against: Others Aldous, Diggie…

Minsitthar: if an Minsitthar enemy uses ulti on you, you’ll be unavailable to use ulti and will be difficult to escape.

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