Badang The Tribal Warrior


` Quick and Easy Guide `

Hero Role : Fighter

Hero Specialty : Reap & Burst Damage



Chivalry Fist



Damage Type : Physical

Cooldown : None


If basic attack stacks up to 4 times, badang's next attack will knock back his target.



 If enemy heroes gets knocked back into walls, they will get stunned.



While minions and creeps gets auto-stunned even without walls.



Qigong Fist

First Skill


Skill Attributes by Level

Cooldown :

7 - 6.7 - 6.4 - 6.1 - 5.8 - 5.5

Basic Damage :

220 - 255 - 290 - 325 - 360 - 395

Explosive Damage :

155 - 180 - 205 - 230 - 255 - 280

Damage Type : Physical


Badang releases an energy in a fist form, that damages and slows down enemies. Using this stacks 1 chivalry fist.



Fist explodes upon hitting terrains/walls, dealing extra damage.



Fist Break

Second Skill


Skill Attributes by Level

Cooldown :

15 - 14.5 - 14 - 13.5 - 13 - 12.5

Basic Damage :

230 - 280 - 290 - 320 - 350 - 380

Explosive Damage :

130 - 150 - 170 - 190 - 210 - 230

Damage Type : Physical


Badang charges forward, knocks back enemy heroes and leaves an obstacle/wall behind them.



Lords, turtles, creeps and minions doesn't trigger the knockback & obstacle effect. Can pass through walls.



Fist Crack

Third Skill


Skill Attributes by Level

Cooldown :

34 - 31 - 28

Base Damage :

120 - 150 - 180

Explosive Damage :

60 - 78 - 96

Shield Effect :

500 - 750 - 1000

Damage Type : Physical


Badang releases a barrage of fist energies to the pointed direction, dealing damage to targets.



This ability too, explodes upon hitting obstacles/walls, dealing extra damage.



Using this applies an armor to badang that absorbs damage and negates crowd control effects.





1 - Qigong Fist

You need the damage and the slow effects of this skill. The higher the level of this ability, the greater the damage.



2 - Fist Crack

His last skill. Good for inflicting continuous damage to multiple enemies. Level this ability up if available.



3 - Fist Break

The least that you can level. The only thing you need with this skill is the obstacle it creates, to trap and corner enemies.



Need : Stack the passive first to stun the target after using fist break.

First : Use fist break(2) to corner your target.

Second : Activate fist crack(3) to deal DPS as the fist collides with the obstacle to deal bonus damage.

Third : Use qigong fist(1) only when target tries to escape as it give damage and slow to catch up to them.




Don't charge first. If you charge earlier, your last skills’ shield will easily get depleted, you'll get easily stunned by your enemies. Let the tank set the enemies first and then in you go.



Assassin Emblem

Physical damage & penetration. Last talent enhances damage when the target is alone. Or you can choose the other one which is extra gold per kill.

 = ++ Or 


Fighter Emblem

Physical damage & penetration. Last talent boosts damage when slowing down enemies. The other one is extra lifesteal that stacks per kill.

 = ++ Or 


Physical Emblem

Bonus health points & physical damage. The last talent enhances the hero's base physical damage after using a skill.

 = ++





If the target gets knocked back, you need speed to catch up to them, just in case if they use badang's knockback as a tactical escape.




Using fist crack(3) adds bonus armor to badang. Why not add more? Aegis can help you with that, as it can apply an extra layer of armor too.




Use the obstacles around the map to escape from enemies. Flicker ables badang to blink from one place to another. Useful as badang can create walls himself.




Stack the passive of badang a little bit faster with inspire. The bonus attack speed it gives is enough to keep knocking back enemies, destroying their advances.




These item sets improves the capabilities of badang as a genuine fighter. Pick and apply one of these and test it out.



Damage Per Second



Burst Damage




Durable Fighter





Diggie, Akai, Fanny

All heroes in this one can make use of each other's abilities. The good thing about them is that, they mostly needed walls to kill enemies, except diggie. He can make his allies immune to CC skills, which is helpful for badang.




Hanzo, Hanabi, Eudora

Badang can charge and attack hanzo's main body. Hanabi doesn't have any blink skill and badang is immune to CC skills when he's using his last skill, if eudora can't properly stun badang, she can't do anything to stop him.




Karrie, Gusion, Harley

The weakness of badang is having to face an enemy that can blink. These are just some of the heroes that could counter him. These guys can also deal huge amounts of damage if not taken care off properly.


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