HERO: Badang-Tribal Warrior

ROLE: Fighter

HERO SPECIALTY: (Charge/Burst) Excellent teamfight, Efficient Ganker, AoE Damage, Burst Damage, Strong Laning.



Chivalry Fist (Passive)

The basic attack after every 4 times knocks enemies back and deals Physical Damage to them.




TIP 1-Constantly Knock back/Stun

Basic attacks + Using golden staff and attack speed items allows to Badang knock back enemies constantly and/or can stun the enemy constantly (if it’s in walls).

TIP 2-2nd skill + passive

2nd skill makes a wall to allow passive stun the enemy. (but I will explain 2nd skill further ahead)

TIP 3-the walls are your advantage!

Use map walls as Badang advantage to stun the enemy!

TIP 4-Minions and monsters

The passive has effect on Minions and monsters, will be stunned without the walls! is perfect if you want to jungling.

TIP 5-STOP some enemy skills

Passive if Knock back or stunning enemies, can stop some hero skills (examples: Odette, Pharsa, etc)


1st skill Qigong Fist

This is an AoE skill

With his strength perform a fist wind, dealing Physical Damage to the enemies on the path and slowing them down.




TIP 1-slows enemies in the path

Always try to use this skill 1st to slow the enemies before using Ultimate skill to increase Ulti hit rate.

TIP 2-Chase enemy

If the enemy is trying to escape use this skill to slow them.

TIP 3-1 stack to passive

Badang can stack 1 time as basic attack to accelerate passive effect. (keep an eye on it!)

TIP 4-Walls/2nd skill + 1st kill

The battlefield walls are your advantage, use them or make a wall with 2nd skill to deal EXTRA dmg when using 1st skill.

2nd Skill Fist Break

This is an CC skill

Badang dashes toward the designated direction. If he hits the enemies along the way, he will knock them back and deal Phys Dmg to them, leaving an obstacle along the path. If hit on the obstacle will endure physical dmg.


TIP 1-Through the walls

This skill allows Badang to going through the walls. It may help you to escape or chasing an enemy.

TIP 2-Analyze the enemy spells or mobility

SOME heroes with lacks mobility like: Layla, Odette, Vexana, are easily to against but If the enemy is using flicker spell, always make sure if they already used it. Or if the enemy has high mobility on skills, be careful. Otherwise the enemy will avoid Badang 2nd skill.

TIP 3-combinations 2nd + Ulti

Use the perfect combination combo of 2nd skill + Ultimate skill to increase Ulti hit rate.

TIP 4-the walls are your advantage!

As I’ve said before the battlefield walls are an advantage! use 2nd If the enemy takes another way to escape. KEEP AN ETE ON IT!

TIP 5-Make obstacles-Teamfight/GANK

Use the obstacles while teamfight/GANK or if the enemy is trying to escape. It will be useful while TEAMFIGHT! It will help teammates to catch an enemy and kill it.


3rd Ultimate Skill Fist Crack

This skill deals Burst Dmg

Quickly throws his fists dealing Phys Dmg. This damage enjoys basic attack effect. When fist hits the obstacle deals extra Phys dmg.



TIP 1-Immune to Normal CC

This skill allows to Badang casting it without being CCed by enemies. Enemies like: Saber, Minsitthar, for example.

BUT his immunity is similar to Hanabi, If the shield decays, he is affected by CC skills.

(But I will show you an example list of some heroes with CC that Badang can avoid their CC while using Ulti)

TIP 2-After 2nd and 1st Skill

2nd skill will help to catch an enemy, 1st to slow them. Use ultimate after these skills to increase Ulti Hit Rate.

TIP 3-Ulti + Flicker spell

Flicker spell may help you to reach an enemy if this is trying to avoid Badang Ulti. (like Odette ulti+flicker)

TIP 4-Best Item for Ultimate

Ulti damage enjoys basic attack effect! so I Highly recommend using Demon Hunter Sword. This item increase dmg when using basic attacks (Ulti).



1. Make sure your skills are refreshed. Hide in a brush and use 2nd skill to make a surprise attack.

2. Use 1st skill (it will deal extra Phys dmg when hitting the obstacles AND stack 1 time of basic attack effect. Also 1st skill slows the enemies in the path)

3. Immediately use 3rd ultimate skill

4. Destroy the enemy turret or kill the lord or turtle if you can.


Only If the enemy is already close to the obstacles, If the enemy change direction (trying to escape or getting away from the walls) use 2nd skill to make another obstacle. Keep an eye on it!


◀◀Option 1

 1-The demon Hunter is an important Item for Badang to deal HIGH amount of dmg, also, it’s very important for his Ultimate skill (ulti damage enjoys basic attack effect)

3-Golden Staff is an important item for Badang to stack and dealing continuous knock back or stuns (the passive).

1. Demon Hunter Sword

2. Warrior Boots

3. Golden Staff

4. Endless Battle

5. Wings of the Apocalypse Queen

6. Blade of despair

◀◀Option 2


2. Tough Boots: if your enemy has many mages use these boots to get magical defense. Also, reduces time controlled by 25%.

4.Hunter Strike

6. Immortality

I recommend this both too, they will be useful:

You can replace some items to make a good combination but never quit Demon Hunter Sword and Golden Staff!


1. Haa’s Claws

2. Oracle: will be useful to increase his immunity shield of Ultimate skill.

3. Corrosion Scythe

4. Athena Shield

5. Swift Boots



Flicker: 2nd skill allows to Badang dashing and escape but, after using it on enemy heroes it will be in cooldown. this spell will help you to teleport you in a certain distance. It may help you for chasing as well.

Inspire: Increases attack speed.

Aegis: Generates a shield that absorbs dmg. Nearby allies’ gains shield too. the shield of Ulti allows to Badang to prolong the Immunity, this spell will add an extra shield.


Fighter Emblem Set


Use Dissabling strike or Unbending will.

Best teammates: others: Minsitthar, Angela, Diggie, Moskov…

Grock: you both can make walls to catch enemies and incresing Badang skills rate.

Strong Against: others: heroes with lacks mobility and non flicker spell like: Vexana, Gord…

Layla: she has a high attack range but low HP and Lacks mobility, badag can knock easily targets like layla.

Weak Against: Others: heroes with high mobility like: Gusion, Fanny, Karrie…

Lancelot: this hero has very High mobility and strong Burst dmg, will be difficult to Badang caught or confront him.

Extra Tips:


Always upgrade 1st skill to kill minions’ waves (dmg in the path) and After unlocking all skills, Upgrade ultimate as your priority instead 2nd skill (Ulti has strong Burst damage!)

GANK with allies! 
Badang is very useful Ganking and pushing lanes, so, if will take top or bottom lane don’t forget help the mid lane! (GANK). Don’t forget always GANK with allies. I recommend gank after reaching lvl 4 to use Ulti skill (it has strong burst dmg).

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