HERO: Vale Windtalker. ROLE: Mage

HERO SPECIALTY: (Crowd Control/Poke) AOE, Burst Dmg, strong laning, efficient on teamfight, lacks mobility.



Windtalk (Passive)

When Vale reaches Lvl 4/6/8, he can enhance one of his skills and each skill can be enhanced once only.

(example: After reach lvl 4, you can enhance JUST ONE skill and you can’t change it) (lvl 6, you are able to enhance another skill) (and the last lvl 8, you are able to enhance the last skill available.) PS: BUT you can’t add 2 or 3 enhances in the same skill and you can’t change it for another effect!



Tip 1-Combine build items for speed

Vale has no escapable skills, but this passive provides him to get speed! Also, build items that increase his movement speed, will be very useful for him.


1st skill Wind Blade

This is an AoE skill





Tip 1-Make a surprise attack

Stop enemy first before using this skill to increase the hit rate, otherwise you may fail the attack. 1. always use it after using an CC skill (Ps: 2nd skill can slow enemies, or You can upgrade it to knock up enemies too

Or Ultimate skill, you can upgrade it to CC enemies)

2. use 1st skill in a brush to make a surprise attack!

3. or use it on enemies that need to stay in a certain place to deal dmg (Like Pharsa, marksmans like Layla etc.)

TIP 2-Analyze the enemy mobility

WARNING! be careful on using 1st skill on enemies with HIGH Mobility like: Lancelot, Gusion, Harith…you may fail the attack.

Important: if you use this skill in a certain area, you will have more possibilities to hit enemies!


TIP 3-The Best item for 1st Skill Ice Queen Wand

This item slows enemies after hitting them with skills, will be very useful to increase this skill hit rate.

2nd Skill Windblow

This is an CC skill

Vale sends a whirlwind forward. Dealing Magic Dmg and slows enemies down by 40%.




TIP 1-For Chasing/escaping

This skill will be useful if an enemy is trying to escape.

Vale has no efficient escapable skills, but this skill may help you to slow them or knock them up.

TIP 2-  stop-on-hit effect

If you add an stop on hit effect, this skill may be useful to launch it into an enemy turret to damage enemies.

Combine this upgrade with an CC skill (CC ally’s skills or Ulti ) to increase this hit rate. (combos below)

TIP 3- knock-up effect

If you upgrade 2nd skill to knock up enemies, this may help you to increase Ultimate Hit Rate. (combos below)


3rd Ultimate Skill Windstorm

This skill deals Burst Dmg

Vale summons a windstorm in a designated area. After 1.5 seconds, the windstorm will explode, dealing Magic Dmg.




Also, Ultimate “Damage increased” effect will decrease the enemy Magical Defense when the windstorm explodes.


TIP 1-Best Items for Ultimate

Ulti has a strong burst damage even If you upgrade it to increase the damage effect. The Lighting Truncheon and Holy Cristal will increases a Higher amount of magic dmg to the enemies. Combine them with Divine Glaive to deal high magic Penetration on enemies with strong Magic Defense. (PS: I highly recommend add an CC effect on Ulti and combine these items to obtain a balance effects of CC and Burst dmg)

TIP 2-  Increase Damage effect

This skill has a strong burst dmg but if you upgrade it to increase the damage, it will deal an explosive dmg!

TIP 3-  CC effect

This will allow you to CC enemies nearby! Is perfect for a teamfight or gank!


Use this combo to make a surprise attack, Ambush or if you want to GANK or Teamfight!


If you want to get the CC on 2nd skill instead Ultimate, will be useful to deal more burst dmg on Ulti. 2nd skill will slow enemies by 60%! to increase Ulti and 1st skill hit rate.


If your allies don’t have enough CC, you can use this combo to CC enemies for a long period of time.


To get CC, damage and long area damage. 3 different effects will be very useful on battle!


◀◀Option 1


◀◀Option 2


these items will work very well on Vale too:




Sprint: Vale has no escapable skills; this spell will help you to increase the Movement Speed and reduces the time controlled and gains immunity against slowing effect.

Flicker: To teleport you in a certain distance for escaping or chasing an enemy.

Purify: removes all negative effects against controlling effects and increases movement speed.


◀◀Option 1Mage Emblem Set


useMagic Worship orImpure Rage

◀◀Option 2Magical Emblem Set



Best teammates: others: Gatotkaca, Franco, Angela…

Ruby: This hero will help you to CC enemies to increase Vale skills Hit Rate.

Strong Against: others: Odette…

Pharsa: With Vale CC skills, he can stop Pharsa Ultimate, preventing her from maintaining sustained dmg.

Weak Against: Others: Gusion, Natalia…

Helcurt: the mage killer, with his silence can block your skills and with his dmg will knock you off easily.

Extra Tips:


Start with 2nd skill instead 1st skill, this skill starts with more dmg than 1st skill (340/230 respectively), also, it will allow you to deal dmg in the path to push your lane (eliminating the enemy’s minions waves easily) 

After unlocking all skills, Upgrade ultimate as your priority instead 2nd skill (Ulti has strong Burst damage!)

Enhance priority-about passive effects

If your allies have no CC, you can combine dmg and CC.

If your allies have full strong CC like Diggie, Ruby use this. (to burst dmg and area dmg)



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