Vale (Mage)


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Vale is a mage hero and the new hero in the mobile legends family. Vale at first few uses can be noticed as a very versatile hero as he can provide what is lacking in the team. He can become one of the burst damaged hero or a good crowd control hero or maybe both, depends on how you manipulate and upgrade his skills.



Passive – Windtalk

When vale reaches level 4/6/8, he can enhance one of his skills and each skill can be enhanced once only. Vale gains a stalk of Windtalk each time he kills or assists to kill an enemy. Each stalk provides 5 points of movement speed. Stacks up to 12 times.

This passive ability is very useful and should be carefully chosen what skills should be enhanced, I suggest that before choosing, one should assess how the battle field is going and what will help greatly to your allies.


1ST Skill – Wind blade

Vale unleashes two wind blades towards the left and right of a designated area. Wind blades deal 230(+80% Total Magic Power) points of magic Damage. When upgrading his ultimate, Vale can choose to increase the damage area or increase the skill’s damage.


Cooldown:  8.5/8.0/7.5/7.0/6.5/6.0

Skill Consumption: 90/95/100/105/110/115

Base Damage:  230/270/310/350/390/430


This skill is very useful in damaging enemy heroes as it helps your team by making them easier to kill the enemy.


Figure 1. Using Windblade


Figure 2. Windblade upgraded to increase damage area






 2ND Skill – Windblow

Vale sends a whirlwind forward. Deals 340 (+120% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage when the whirlwind hits an enemy unit. When upgrading his ultimate, Vale can choose to add a stop-on-hit effect or a knock-up effect to this skill.

Cooldown:  11/10.5/10/9.5/9/8.5s

Skill Consumption: 90/95/100/105/110/115

Base Damage:  340/380/420/460/500/540


This ability is great in damaging and slowing down your enemy because of the affects you can add to it either what upgrade you will choose  for this skill it good crowd control, as you can choose to knock-up an enemy when hit or a stop–on-hit as it will still provide a slow effect to the enemy .




Figure 3. Using Windblow on an enemy with a knock-up upgrade.





3rd Skill - Windstorm

Vale summons a windstorm in a designated area. After 1 seconds, the windstorm will explode, dealing 750 (+180% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage. When upgrading his ultimate, Vale can choose to increase damage or to add control effect to this skill.


Cooldown:  45/40/35s  

Skill Consumption: 150/200/250

Base Damage:  700/900/1100


Vale’s ultimate is one of the best skill I have ever seen in the game since it provides a burst damage or a massive crowd control. This skill is sometimes annoying to your enemy especially when you choose to upgrade it to area control, the skill will act like a black hole trying to suck the enemy who are within the skill area to the center of the skill, this greatly helps you and your allies either to escape or give your allies to damage the enemies.





                                                                           Figure 3. Using Windstorm with increased damage






In choosing which skills you should prioritize for Vale, I recommend his second skill before your first skill and choose the ultimate next when it is already available. With this pattern you are able to deliver a strong crowd control for your team and delaying any damages that the enemy will give and/or provide massive burst damage to your enemies.






Enchanted Talisman – This gives additional 250HP, 50 magic power, and 20% cooldown reduction with a unique passive ability of regenerating up to 10% of one’s mana every 10 seconds providing adequate mana regeneration.


Magic Shoes – Provides +40 movement speed with additional 10% cooldown reductionS.




Glowing Wand – Provides 75 magic power, 400 HP and additional 5% movement speed. This item has also a unique passive scorch ability that will burn targets for 3 seconds when they hit, dealing 2%/3%/4% of the target’s current HP as magic Damage (10 Damage minimum)


Fleeting Time – Provides 70 magic power, 15% CD reduction. This item has also a unique passive ability that after eliminating or an assist, the CD of the hero’s ultimate is immediately reduced by 35%.



Ice Queen Wand – Provides 75 magic power, 10% magical lifesteal, 150 mana and 7% movement speed. It also gives you a unique passive ability, skills that damage an enemy hero will cary 15% slow down effect that lasts 3 seconds.


Blood Wings – Provides 150 magic power, 500 HP. It also gives you a unique passive ability that adds 1.5 HP for every 1 pt og magic power added.





Flicker - For Vale’s battle spell, I recommend the flicker spell, since it is really helpful when you try to catch a hero that is out of range, and at the same time, this serves as your escape spell when you run away from heroes, especially assassin types.



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