A new decent tank. A combination of offense and defense, being a great initiator and nullifier punishing enemies and contributing the team with his great crowd control effects.

Hero Specialties: Tank


2.Crowd Control




Difficulty: Medium

Difficulties might be experience or tips that you might need when playing Khufra.

 · Proper hero positioning.

 · Proper skill combo.

Gamestyle: Lane or Roam

Khufra is a great ally in lane that can do offensive moves such as poking, dashing towards the enemies and preventing enemy from escaping in team fights, while being in his defensive state like being durable by increasing his defence attributes and healing his self.

Also he can be a roamer with his long range charge and his ability to prevent enemy to blink or dash through him while dealing great damage at the time.


Passive Skill: Poke - Regeneration

 Spell Curse

Every 12 seconds, Khufra’s next basic attack gains an increase in range and deals extra magical damage that equals to a percentage of his maximum physical damage plus 8% of his Max HP and also slows the target down.

Meanwhile, Khufra restores 8% of his Max Hp after attacking.

Spell Curse’s Cooldown will be reduced by 4 seconds each time Khufra uses his skills to control any enemy heroes.

Usage: Poking enemy heroes, last hitting low HP minions, or regenerating Khufra’s HP.

First Skill: Blink – Crowd Control

 Tyrant’s Revenge

Khufra channels and pulls his arms to cast himself in a specified direction, dealing physical damage to enemies in his path.

Hitting an enemy hero or reaching its maximum range will land Khufra in the area, dealing additional physical damage to the enemies nearby and knocks them up.

Usage: Escaping from threats, chasing down escaping enemies, initiating multiple enemies, or entering clashes.

Skill Consumption80859095100105
Path Damage80110140170200230
Knock-up Damage101010101010

Second Skill: AoE – Buff – Nullify 

 Bouncing Ball

Transform Khufra into a magical bouncing ball by wrapping his self with his bandage, gaining an increase in his physical and magical defence.

Enemies that try to blink or dash to pass through Khufra will be knocked up.

Each time Khufra lands on the ground will deal damage to the surrounding enemies and reducing their movement speed.

Usage: To deal extra damage in team fights, preventing enemies from escaping or gain extra durableness.

Skill Consumption707580859095
Path Damage75%80%85%90%95%100%
Knock-up Damage3045607590105

Ultimate Skill: Crowd Control – Damage

 Tyrant’s Rage

Khufra pulls all enemies surround him towards, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies’ movement speed.

If enemies meet an obstacle during the process will deal extra damage and get stunned instead of slow.

Usage: Crowd Control in team fights, deal great damage in team fights, or maximizing its potential by hitting multiple enemies in nearby wall.

Skill Consumption150200250
Path Damage300450600
Knock-up Damage1.251.51.75

Skill Combo:

1.Use 1st skill from a location where enemies’ doesn’t have a sight, for you to have an unexpected entrance.


2.After landing in the location, you could either use your ultimate skill when enemies are nearby wall, if not use 2nd skill to prevent them from escaping.

3.Then wait for the right time where enemies are near from any obstacles and immediately cast your ultimate skill.

Skill Path and Battle Ground Spell Selection:

Note for your Skill Path:

Staying in the lane, upgrading your 2nd skill would be more beneficial for you because of its lower cooldown and increase in defensive status, but if you wish to roam upgrade your 1st skill to lower its cooldown and increase its damage for better and faster ganking, upgrade ultimate skill whenever possible.

 Flicker – blinks to a certain distance in a specified direction, for 1 second after blinking, Khufra's physical and magical defense increases.

Place you in a better position for your skills.

Helps you escapes threats.

Helps you to chase down escaping enemies.

 Petrify – deals magic damage and petrifies surrounding enemies for 0.7 seconds.

Gives an additional disabling ability for your arsenal.

Improves your skill combo and crowd control effect in team fights.

Gear Guide:

Sustained DPS – I recommend this item set because of its great attributes increase and unique passives that really suits Khufra’s abilities of being offensive and defensive in the game.

1. Blade of the Heptaseas – this item improves Khufra’s offensive state in the early phase and gives a decent defensive attribute.

+75 Physical Attack

+300 Health Points

Unique Passive: Streamroll – damaging skills will lowers the target’s physical defense by 25 points, this effect applies before the damage and lasts for 3 seconds.

2. Warrior Boots – a decent boots that increases Khufra’s physical defense greatly in the early phase.

+22 Physical Defense

Unique Passive: +40 Movement Speed

Unique Passive:  Valor – physical defense will go up by 5 points with each basic attack receive, up to 25 points and lasts for 3 seconds.

3. Oracle – a part of the core defensive items for Khufra, increasing the amount of HP regeneration and shield absorption he receives.

+850 Health Points

+36 Magical Defense

+10% CD Reduction

Unique Passive: Bless – raises the amount of HP regeneration and shield absorption effect by 25%.

4. Thunder Belt – also part of the core offensive items for Khufra, this item improves Khufra’s offensive by improving his basic attack giving a slow effect and extra damage to the targets.

+800 Health Points

+30 Mana Regeneration

+10% CD Reduction

+40 Physical Damage

Unique Passive: Thunderbolt – after casting a skill, Khufra’s next basic attack deals extra damage that equals to the 2% of his max HP and slow effect to the target and surrounding units for 1.5 seconds.

5. Sky Guardian Helmet – for your 5th item, this item greatly increases your HP and HP regeneration.

+1550 Health Points

+100 HP Regeneration

Unique Passive: Recovery – regenerates 1.5% of Khufra’s total HP, eliminating enemy heroes raises the regeneration effect of this item by 0.4%, while assists only raises by 0.2%, up to 3.5%. The effect wears off after 5 seconds upon taking damage.

6. Athena’s Shield – lastly, this item improves Khufra defensive status greatly, by giving him shield absorbing damage every half a minute.

+900 Health Points

+56 Magical Defense

+20 HP Regeneration

Unique Passive: Shield – gains a shield absorbing damage every 30 seconds, the shield amount grows as the game goes on, maxing out at 1150.

Emblems and Talents

 Tank Emblem – increases Khufra’s Physical Defense, Magical Defense, Health Points, HP Regeneration, and CD Reduction.

Tier 1

 Vitality – increases your Health Points.


 Firmness – increases your Physical Defense.


 Shield – increases your Magical Defense.

Tier 2

 Inspire – increase your CD Reduction.


 Fortress – increases Physical Defense.


 Purify – increases Magical Defense.

Tier 3

 Brave Smite – crowd controlling an enemy grants 5% of max HP, this effect has a 10 seconds cooldown.


 Attack and Defense – converts 0.40% of max HP to physical attack and magical power.

In-Game Relationship

Best with: 

 Vale – provides great damage and crowd control

 Tigreal – helps Khufra land his skills to multiple enemies.

 Johnson = helps Khufra land his skill to multiple enemies.

 Guinevere – provide great damage and crowd control.

Counters: Enemies that depends their offense by blinking or dashing that is easily countered and nullified by Khufra.

 Fanny 

 Harith

 Karrie


 Saber – nukes and holds Khufra for a long duration.

 Franco – disables Khufra for a long duration.

 Diggie – counters Khufra by giving immunity to his allies.

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