HERO: Desert Tyrant-Khufra

ROLE: Tank

HERO SPECIALTY: (Crowd Control/Initiator) Excellent for team fights, AoE Damage, Strong Crowd control hero, AOE.


Spell Curse (Passive)

Khufra activates the spell curse left by Esmeralda every 12 seconds to increase the range of the next basic attack.

Each time Khufra uses his skills to control any enemy heroes, Spell Curse’s CD will be reduced by 4 seconds.

TIP 1-Heal Twice

A smart strategy is using Khufra CC skills to use the passive twice and restore more HP. (PS:1st and Ultimate Skill are CC Skills.)

TIP 2-The Long Range

Each time the passive is ready will increase the range of the next basic attack. So, you don’t need to be close to the enemy to steal their HP. KEEP AN EYE ON IT!

TIP 3-Item for Passive

Oracle: Use this item to increase the HP regen effect.

1st Skill Tyrant’s Revenge 

Is a Blink and Crowd Control Skill

Khufra launch himself in the specified direction dealing Phys Dmg to all enemy units in the path. (enemy minions or monsters will not stop Khufra)

When blinking to the furthest distance or encountering a first enemy hero, Khufra will immediately stop, dealing Phys Dmg to enemies nearby and then knocking them up.

TIP 1-Initiator

Khufra is an initiator, you must start attacking the enemy before your allies.

TIP 2-Inside the enemy Turrets

As a Tank role and as an initiator, you must support your allies attacking inside the enemy turret to kill a specified enemy or enemies. 1. Use 1st skill to launch toward the enemies. 2. immediately use 2nd skill to reduce phys/mag dmg taken by the enemies. 3. Use flicker to go out before your HP go down.

TIP 3-Escaping/Chasing/Through the walls

Use this skill if you want to escape or chasing an enemy. Also, you can go through the walls!

Tip 4-Stop Heroes Skills

The knock up effect will stop some heroes' skills like: Claude, Odette, Pharsa (PS: These heroes deal continuous damage, but you can stop them.)

TIP 5-The importance of charging this skill.

The longer Khufra charges this skill-the longer knock up effect will be. Will control enemy heroes much longer.

2nd Skill Bouncing Ball 

Is a AoE and Buff Skill

Khufra uses the bandage to wrap himself into a magical bouncing ball, increasing his own Physical & Magical Defense by 75%.

Each time the ball hits the ground, it will deal Magic Dmg to enemies nearby and reduce their movement speed.

TIP 1-Stops blink skills

Enemies trying to use blink skills to move across Khufra will be knocked up. Heroes like: Bruno, Fanny, Harith, etc.

TIP 2-Item for 2nd skill

Athena’s Shield: This item will help to get magical defense and get a shield to absorb some dmg to get a strong defense against the enemy's damage.

TIP 3-For escaping/Chasing

Each time the bouncing ball hits the ground will reduce enemies nearby movement speed. Perfect if you want to chase them or escape.

3rd Ultimate Skill Tyrant’s Rage

Is a Crowd Control Skill

Pulls back all enemy targets around him toward the front, dealing Phys Dmg and slowing them down for 1.25 secs.

TIP 1-Hit all Enemies nearby/Save Allies

You can pull all enemies nearby in front of you. Is excellent to pull Damage enemies who are close to your allies.

TIP 2-The walls are your advantage for the Stun effect

If the enemies are knocked against walls will stun enemies instead slow them. Is perfect for team fighting with allies like: Badang, Fanny, Moskov!

TIP 3-1st Skill + Ulti

Better use 1st skill + Ultimate skill to deal huge dmg and prolong the CC for more time. (combos below)

This combo is perfect for Gank/Teamfight/Ambush hide in a bush to make a surprise attack. (PS: Use 1st skill again if the enemies are trying to escape)

If the enemies are already close to the walls. Use the walls as your advantage, don’t forget it!

◀︎◀︎ GEAR SET ▶︎▶︎

*You can use default build or Top pro players builds*

▶Option 1— default

▶Option 2-- Customized

PS: use “Warrior Boots” it will give you physical defense, will go up each basic attack received. If the enemy team has more magic damage better use“Tough Boots” it increases magic defense.

These items will be useful:


Flicker: This spell will help you to teleport you in a certain distance for chasing or escape. Use this spell to reach an enemy who escape your 2nd or Ulti skill (like Odette Ulti+Flicker or Badang Ulti + Flicker etc.)

Petrify: Petrifies surrounding targets and deals Magic dmg. Use this spell to prolong the CC effect of Ultimate skill.

Aegis: Generates a shield that absorbs dmg. Nearby allies’ gains shield too.


▶Option 1-- Tank Emblem Set

If you will use this  then take Vitality to increase HP and Inspire to CDR.

Tenacity: when health is below 40%, gains an increased 35 physical and magical defense. PS: PERFECT for 2nd skill PLUS Phys/Mag Def.

▶Option 2--Tank Emblem Set

If you will use this  then take Firmness to Phys Defense and Purify to Magical Defense.

Brave Smite: crowd controlling an enemy grant 5% of max HP. This effect has 10-second cooldown.PS: Khufra has CC skills.

Best teammates: others--- Grock, Moskov, Fanny…

Badang: Badang can use his 2nd skill to make a wall behind the enemies, meanwhile you can use ulti to stun the enemy.

Strong Against: others: Bruno, Claude, Harith, Gusion…

Fanny: fanny needs to attack across the enemies to cast damage, use Khufra 2nd skill to stop fanny and protect yourself from Fanny’s dmg and blink.

Weak Against: Others: Eudora, Aurora, Martis…

Zhask: Khufra needs to be close to the enemies to deal dmg. Will be difficult against zhask, you must be close to damage him.

◀︎◀︎ Tips Starting ▶︎▶︎

Always upgrade 2nd skill instead of 1st skill, 2nd skill starts with 241 of dmg x3 times the ball hit the wall=723 total Dmg that you can deal/CD10. 1st skill with 327 of Dmg/CD20.

After unlocking all skills, upgrade ultimate as your priority.

STARTING-Lanes and Jungle

Start going with a partner in top or bottom lane. Khufra is an initiator hero, this hero can start attacking the enemy hero to get an advantage on battle. ALWAYS start attacking the enemy heroes before your allies.

GANK with allies! 

Always gank with allies, Khufra is an excellent hero for teamfight, this hero has a strong CC. To gank always use 1st skill before all skills to reach enemies and make a surprise attack, I recommend gank after reaching lvl 4 to use Ulti skill.

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