The Twisted Summoner - VEXANA - GEAR GUIDE


Max Cool Down Reduction, High Damage, Durable


For Vexana, always grab the Enchanted Talisman first. Vexana is one of the heroes who have (if not the most) very “expensive” or mana-consuming skills in the game. The item’s passive is very helpful to compensate on this. Also, the 20% CDR helps to reduce the very long cool down of Vexana’s skills, and the additional HP helps with her durability. Magic Shoes is to be chosen to obtain additional 40% movement speed and 10% cool down reduction. Next, craft the Lightning Truncheon for (1) extra mana regen to cover the high mana-consumption of Vexana’s skills, and (2) burst damage effect of its passive. Include in the set the Fleeting Time for additional mana regen and to fully maximize the 40% allowable CDR, including the item’s passive, enabling spamming of her skills, especially in team fights. The last two items, Concentrated Energy and Blood Wings, not only add into Vexana’s magical power but also help in her survivability with the additional HP both give, and the 30% Spell Vamp attribute of the Concentrated Energy.

Penetrative Burst Damage


First, always grab the Enchanted Talisman. Since we want a “penetrative” damage, we get the Arcane Boots for the additional movement speed and Magical Penetration. Next, we craft the Lightning Truncheon for same reasons above. We also get the Glowing Hand for its penetrative damage, both the active and passive attributes, and an additional movement speed (which helps in Vexana’s slow base movement). Devil Tears contributes the most in the burst damage effect of this gear set because of its unique attribute of +40% Magic PEN, and its passive that increases the unique’s effect by 30% (if condition was met), totaling an insane additional 70% Magic PEN on enemies. Lastly, craft Blood Wings for more damage and durability.





Energy               Awaken


                                 Desire           Observation                        


Energy Absorption

                                                                                            GEAR SET ATTRIBUTES COMPARED


The table above shows Vexana’s basic attributes, meaning her stats without emblems and items yet. The line “Physical ATK” is the amount of damage of her basic attack. Notice that she has zero magic power on her basic attributes. She only gains power after obtaining the magic emblem and magic items.

With the Magic Emblem (in my case, at max level) and Talent Set given, Vexana’s attributes will improve, as shown below:


Notice that even her skills were affected with the changes in Vexana’s attributes.


With the first gear set, the picture below shows Vexana’s attributes with complete items.


Considering the effect of the Lightning Truncheon’s passive, which is an additional 50% magical damage on enemies every six seconds, and the Blood Wings’ passive, which is an additional 2 HP on every 1 point of magic added, your attributes temporarily increases by a few points as shown below:


All others remaining constant, Vexana’s magic power and HP changed. Her magic power increased by 25 which, in effect, increased her HP by 50 points (25 x 2). Both will revert back to the former figure when the Lightning Truncheon’s passive’s effect runs out.


Here are Vexana’s attributes with the complete gear items:


Compared to the first gear set, this set has less magic power (an eleven-point difference). But remember that this gear set focuses on “PENETRATIVE” burst damage. Check out the line Magic PEN. There is an insane 30 point difference, which is huge and very material because, despite a lower magic power, the penetration attribute helps increase the damage against enemies by ignoring magic resistance by that much. This is a big deal especially against the “squishy” heroes (Marksmen, Mages, some fighters) since their gears focus more in damage-dealing than defense, therefore, they could easily be killed.

A flaw of this gear set is that it lacks the survivability aspect. Notice the difference in HP of the two gear sets (which is 722 points) plus the very low spell vamp (30% less). Vexana becomes very squishy and killable, therefore, it is advisable to (if this gear set was followed) put Vexana in a good position, especially in team fights. Do not roam alone; always be with a teammate (preferably melee heroes).

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         MGL Team--cctenjou

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