Comprehensive guide on Support-Angela


Hello I’m Xenon125, Mythical Glory player with 72%-win rate and 6.12 KDA. In this guide, I would like to discuss more about support in general and more in depth guide on how to fully utilise Angela kits. In current patch, Angela is definitely one of strongest heroes in the game alongside with Lancelot, Kagura, Johnson, and Gusion.

Why? because Angela provides everything beyond what a support hero can offer. She has AOE slow, bind, AOE damage, AOE heal, shield, movement speed buff, and even can teleport across the map to help the team. It is also quite easy to truly master this hero as her kits do not really require any high mechanic players to fully unleash her potential.  In 100+ stars mythic games, players either pick her or ban her. So yeah, she is super strong right now, it is worth the time for you to buy and learn Angela.


2. Role: Support

Support is one of the most fun role in mobile legend. The role itself is really important for the team as it does not require us to have enough resources (experience and gold) to help the team and give impact to the game. Unfortunately, most people do not really understand on how to play around support kits. As the role stated, the main objective for support heroes is to support the team with their crowd control skills (slow, movement speed buff, bind, stun, etc). However, most players tend to purchase magic damage items instead of defensive items. This is a huge mistake as magic damage items are very inefficient for support heroes.

There are several reasons why magic damage items are not suitable for support heroes. Firstly, supports in general have a very low AP scale, so magic damage item will not increase the skill damage significantly. Secondly, unlike carry roles (mage, marksman, assassin), support does not have enough resources to be relevant with those magic items. Lastly, the main reason for us to pick support is not for damage but for crowd control to dominate the team fight and to help our carries, so why bother buying damage items. Our main objective as a support is to survive and help our team as much as possible. Hence, considering all the reasons, defensive items are definitely more suitable for support as it can provide you more sustainability and help your team longer in any team fight or laning phase. Moreover, enemy assassins will not be able to dive you easily.


3. Heroes: Angela


Passive skill: Smart Heart

Launches love energy in a designated direction, dealing magical damage to the enemy target and adding a Lover's Mark (each Lover's Mark increases damage taken and reduces the target's movement speed). This skill heals when used on friendly targets.


Her passive really integrates well with her first active skill, love wave.  


1st active skill: Love Wave

Launches love energy in a designated direction, dealing magical damage to the enemy target and adding a Lover's Mark (each Lover's Mark increases damage taken and reduces the target's movement speed). This skill heals when used on friendly targets.


Love Wave is Angela bread and butter skill; arguably one of the best skills in Mobile Legend. As mentioned before, it offers AOE heal, AOE damage, AOE slow, and movement speed buff. There is no particular tips on how to use this skill as it is a very versatile skill; you can use it in any situations. During laning phase try to harass your laning opponents with this skill. It will be even better if you can hit all enemies while healing your allies as well in one shot.


2nd active skill: Puppet on a String

Launches a puppet string at a specified target, dealing magical damage. If the target remains attached, it will be immobilized and take magical damage, with each Lover's Mark increasing the final damage.


Puppet on a string works well with your first active skill, love wave. You can bind enemy first by using this skill, then spam your love wave to slow enemies and prevent them from escaping. By integrating these two skills together, you can ensure that your target will be bind and take magical damage.

Ultimate Skill: Heart Guard


(saving cyclops from a certain death)

Angela gather's energy to generate a shield for a friendly target, absorbing damage. After a period of time, she becomes attached to the friendly target, absorbing damage. After a period of time, she becomes attached to the friendly target. Using this skill again, or the death of the friendly target will cancel this effect.


Strongest ultimate skill in the game. This skill is what makes Angela the most powerful support in the game. “Heart Guard” is the only skill that allow you to teleport to your teammate and provides them barrier. If use correctly, it can save your teammates and even change the tide of team fight. Heart Guard can be used defensively (protecting your teammates) or offensively (teleport to your allies and surprise enemies). Its utility is limitless. Also, you can use this skill to return to battle field as soon as possible; for instance, during the team fight, you have used all our mana and almost dead, Angela can just recall to base and ultimate immediately to return and help your team wins the fight. Overall, this skill is the one that make Angela a fearsome foe for any players.



Item Build


Magic Shoes> Enchanted Talisman> ThunderBelt > Athena’s Shield > Demon Advent > Immortality.

  At the beginning of the game, buy 2 magic necklace (price 120gold each) for mana sustainability during laning phase. With these two necklace, you can spam your first and second skill to harass your enemies in the lane.

  Then try to rush Magic Shoes for extra movement speed and extra Cooldown reduction. 10% cooldown reduction will help Angela spamming her first skill during early phase. Additionally, with this boot,  Angela can help other lanes faster occasionally, or even help your teammates invade enemies’ jungle.

  Enchanted Talisman for extra mana sustainability and ensure that you will never run out of mana during the fight.

  Athena Shield is one of the best defensive item in the game. It provides you +900hp +56 magic res +20 hp regen, on top of that it also gives you 1150 shield that can absorb more damage. In term of stats per gold, this item is one of the most valuable one.

  Thunderbelt has been changed in recent patched, now it provides mana regen, armor hp, and even cooldown reduction. This item is very suitable for Angela. Additionally, its passive is insanely good; you can slow enemies every 1/5s with your auto attack. As angela, you can use this combo after getting Thunderbelt: 1st skill> auto attack> 1st skill> auto attack. This slowing combo is way too scary and annoying for your opponents.

  Demon Advent for extra armor, hp and debuff enemy damage. Immortality to give you more magic resist, hp and give you second chance in case you make a mistake (we cannot play perfectly all the time anyway). By this point you will have 40% cool down reduction, which will help you spam your skills all the time.





I’m using tank emblem for Angela, and I choose this tree. I maxed out my “shield” for +12magic resist, because by right without any item your magic resist basic stats will be much lower than your armor.  After that, choose inspire for more cooldown reduction. Cooldown reduction is really important for Angela as her skills have relatively high cooldown, especially her ultimate.

Then I choose “tenacity” out of 3 last option. “tenacity” is the main reason why I chose this emblem over other emblems for Angela. “Tenacity” (When health is below 40%, gains extra 35 points of physical and magical defences), in my opinion this is extremely important for survivability.

Battle Spell:



 Flicker is always a decent choice for any heroes in mobile legend. The mobility it offers is invaluable. For Angela, you escape from any grim situation. This spell is like giving you second chance when you make any positioning mistake and it would be more difficult for opponents to target you. In some occasions, you can play this spell aggressively buy using this combo: flicker> 1st skill> 2nd skill> 1st skill. This combo can potentially surprise and punish any enemies who play too aggressively and out of position.

Skill and Gameplay tips

Early Game

During the laning phase try to harras enemies with your first skill and auto attack. Like what I did in this ss


If possible, try to heal your allies and damage enemies at the same time. See how I positioned myself in this small skirmish. I healed cyclops while still inflicting damage and slow to my enemies.


After reaching level 4, ideally you want to use your ult to surprise enemies on the other side of the map; however, you can also use it to save your laning partner from a certain death.


Mid Game and Late Game.

Remember how powerful your ultimate is; try to find an opportunity to help your team winning mid game team fight as Angela can provide help to all allies wherever they are. In this clip, the moment I realised there was a team fight in the middle I immediately used my ultimate from bottom lane to middle lane for Alpha who was initiating the fight.


During the team fight, if you low on health or mana, you can also recall then use your ultimate to go back again like what I did here.




Angela is definitely one of the most impactful and powerful heroes in the game right now. If you can play her properly, she can guarantee you a winning game. I personally really hate fighting against Angela in my Mythic rank games because it is very difficult to play against good Angela player. My Angela win rate for now is still 86.7%, and for the credibility of this guide, I attached my past results with Angela below. Several days after season reset, I can climb throughout Legend very easily by spamming ANGELA ^.^



I wish you all the best for your games and do not forget to have fun. Hopefully, this guide can help you getting better understanding about Angela and support in general.

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