Rafaela Guide


Role: Support

Specialty: Healing, Buff, CC



Rafaela is a very good support who specializes in healing and buffing your teammates while annoying her enemies with her CC. She is one of the easiest heroes in the game but to truly unleash her potential, you need a good strategy and communicative team members.


Pros & Cons



●Team movement speed buff

●Good healing

●Crowd Control (CC) [Passive slow, Ult stun]

●Peeling enemies off (peeling = keep enemies away from you or your teammates)

●Easy to play

●Low cooldown (CD) on skills

●Reveals hidden enemies (either they are in brush or invisible)

●Multitargeted skills with big radius coverage. 

(Multitarget = aims multiple enemies at once, 

not AoE since it does not cover a range but focuses on chosen enemies.)

[Her first and second skill have very big range so you can easily heal/damage multiple enemies

●Low base movement speed (MS) - 245 

[240 being the lowest and 

265 being the highest base MS]


●Low damage and low Ability Power (AP) scaling on skills.

●Due to her spamming skills, she stays out of mana often.




Heaven's Blessing: Damage dealing abilities will slow down enemies and speed up your allies for a certain duration. [Passive]


Light of Retribution: Deals magic damage to 3 nearest enemies (prioritizing heroes) and reveals them for a short period of time. [S1]


Holy Healing: Heals herself and the most damaged ally near her for a high amount and with a decreased amount to the rest of her allies. [S2]

Holy Baptism: Rectangular shape AoE damage which also stuns the enemy for a certain duration. [S3][Ult]



--Rafaela is a very simple hero, all you do is heal your teammates and poke enemies often and you do not have to worry about aiming since her first and second automatically finds Allies/Enemies to Heal/Damage them. Rafaela is a very simple hero, all you do is heal your teammates and poke enemies often and you do not have to worry about aiming since her first and second automatically finds Allies/Enemies to Heal/Damage them. 

-Always heal your allies when they are below 80%, do not save it for later because if you do, that one heal may not be enough to save them so you have better chances of survival in lane when you and your allies have close to max HP.

-Always poke your enemies when given chance, do not hesitate or be afraid, if you don’t do that then you will be a burden for your team. You have big range so make use of it. Also after every poke try to basic attack them.

-Be wise with your ultimate, don’t use it when enemies are far, even if they may be in range, the ultimate moves slowly in front so you are probably going to miss it. Your ultimate is easy to dodge so better use it when enemies are right next to you or when they are chasing you. Your ultimate is a very good way to peel enemies from your ally.To conclude, use it in a dire situation or for guaranteeing that enemies do not escape.



Map Clear for Faster Level Up

Top →Start with blue for the buff for your ally, then go kill the second monster and after that the minions in your lane. If you can kill the crab too. This jungle clear is only when you have teammate beside you. Do not attempt solo.

Bot → Start red and then monster, basically same thing.

Top → This is if the other 2 lanes need the buff more. You start with monster and then minions -> crab if you can. Always leave a buff for mid laner.

Bot → Same thing.


Note: You never take the buff, you help your ally to take it.



 Skill Progression

Max [S2] first → [S1] second and your [Ult] whenever you can. The reason is that your first skill damage, you upgrade it or not, does not do much, it is only used for slowing enemies, plus its cooldown stays the same at all ranks of the skill. However, your second skill with every upgrade gets a decrease in cooldown so you can use it more often and plus, increased amount of healing for your allies.


Item Progression


Enchanted Talisman: This item must be taken every time you play Rafaela, because you need the CDR(20%) and its passive(Spring: Regen 10% of mana every 10s).

Wizard Boots: This provides 300HP and bonus 80 gold for every assist. Very useful item andcore for supports. 10x assists = 800 gold.



These are all the possible good items after you get the core to choose from. Choose only two-three items depending on the enemy.

In lane against: 2 AD → Buy Armor; 2AP → Buy Magic Resist(MR); 1 AD,1 AP → Buy pieces of both Armor and MR;


Wonderful items for late.Choose only one-two items. Necklace of Endurance to prevent enemies from regening life. Wings of Apocalypse to reduce the damage taken. Courage Bulwark to increase your allies damage and defense.


Against a team with 2AP-2AD-1 Tank



Against 3AP-2 Tanks / 2AP-2 Tanks-1AD



Against 3AD-2 Tanks / 2AD-2 Tanks-1AP






Support Emblem: This is the best emblem combination for Rafaela, it compensates the lack of her speed and most importantly it increases your teammates damage output for 4s. Though the CD of talent is 10s, it is still good enough. Also gives 10% more healing power, hybrid regen and CDR.


Support Emblem: This one is pretty much the same, the only difference is that this one reduces spell CDR and Resurrecting time meaning that you will be able to get back in your lane faster after death and your spells will be available more often. Prefered to take it if you have spells with CD more than 100s.



Tank Emblem: A good alternative to support emblem, this one is recommended for use until you get the support emblem. Itprovides good defense and compensates for your squishiness.


Spell Recommendation


Flicker: One of the best spells in game if not the best, a game changer, it will get you out of a dire situation and combined with the support emblem talent that reduces its cooldown, you will have bigger chances of survival. CD[120s], with talent CD[~100s]


Weaken: Very good spell for Rafaela, she will be able to reduce the attack damage and ability power  of a heavy damage dealer by 50% while also slowing them by 70% for 3 seconds [CD-60s]. It will change the fate of a teamfight if you use it on enemy carry or heavy damage dealer.  Enable Hero Lock Mode in settings to be able to do that.


Aegis: Blocks 4 basic attacks including turret shots [CD-90s].Best spell for tower diving especially for early. It will pretty much give you enough time to guarantee a kill even on full health squishy target. But be careful, you must be the one tower aims so initiate damaging the enemy first while being inside their tower. Also you can use it to block ADC’s basic attacks.


Arrival: Teleports to a tower or a minion,during process (3s) the tower and minion is invulnerable to damage. [CD-150s] with Support Talent [CD-128s]. This is very good spell but underrated and the reason for that is because it is really hard to use. If you master it, you can teleport near your allies and assist them. Also you can use it to save a tower/base from falling down for a few seconds. May not seem much but it is.



Hero Relationship

Best Teammates: Roger, Jawhead, Alpha, Freya, Zhask

Counters: Alucard, Gusion, Natalia, Karina, Argus

Countered by: Diggie, Estes, Angela, Valir, Fanny

 MGL Team---Imagine Breaker

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