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Turtle and Lord

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Good day commanders, I am MLBB-Chess, hope you guys are enjoying Mobile Legends, and in this guide we will talk about my favorite hero-Yi Sun-shin. This hero is quoted from a famous Korean general, who was navy and known as best commander in navy history. His improvement of turtle ships helped his country defeat invader many times.


So, do you like Asian General? Do you like agile weird uncle? Do you like wild life with longbow and glaive? Do you like damage harassment to enemies with no-where to hide? Then I strongly recommend this hero for your road to higher ranking, National Hero-Yi Sun-shin.


Pros & Cons








Melee burst damage

Hard to hit the target

Escape easily from danger

Hard to concentrate damage

Long-range high damage

Rely too much on gear leading

Fast lane cleaning

Cannot take much damage

High battle rate

Weak late game

Reveal position of enemies

Need good team cover


When to pick Yi Sun-shin?

Solo mid

He can handle mid-lane perfectly with early support to other lanes. If he is against assassin heroes, their minion cleaning abilities normally require them to come closer, then try to poke them with basic attack or charging shot. This will force enemy to go back to base, or gank other lanes with lower hp. If you found the assassin hero is focusing on your poke and they can also poke you when cleaning minions, such as pro Gusion and Lancelot, try to focus on minions with your second ability. And try to kill nearby monsters with passive quickly to gain gold leading, then transfer it into gear and damage leading.


Side lane

Either your team is playing 212 or 113, Yi Sun-shin goes side lane with teammates. Try to go with a tanky hero, these heroes can disturb and make enemies pay less attention on Yi Sun-shin at back row. Then charge a full arrow and shoot it on the face of your enemy, to gain the hp leading on lane, always target the vulnerable hero firstly, and force them to go back base then kill gold monster or even monsters in enemy jungle. This helps you to build gold leading and Yi Sun-shin pretty much needs it in the whole game.



Here I will recommend two sets of emblems, I think they are both same good and the slight difference is that maybe the first one is more suitable for mid lane, while second for side lane. But actually I feel they are both very powerful and either one of them can be fit in any situation actually.


Emblems help us to obtain advantage in early game, for example as Yi Sun-shin you have 116 basic attack, with emblem you will have 150, which is a lot damage difference. However, late game you might have around 300-400 physical ATK, at that moment the difference of 30 will not make such difference. So try to pick those talents which helps in early game, or really good and provide lots of benefits in late game.


First recommended emblem-Marksman








Physical attack helps you in early game, always good for poke, burst, and reap. Second layer I would choose critical damage plus 13.5% (each talent point 4.5%). This is rather unique from emblem, from Berserkers Fury you have plus 40% critical damage, this talent helps to make it 253.5% as critical damage, which is such a surprise when damaging enemy with a critical hit. Last layer I would recommend Weakness Finder. You need some luck to trigger this talent, but once it is triggered, normally it will turn into another basic attack in range.


Second recommended emblem-Assassin







No doubt we will still choose physical attack for more damage, then second layer I would recommend physical penetration. We always target the most vulnerable enemy and they would have around 20 armor. Then 6 physical penetration would be around 30% armor deduction in early game, that is what we really want to have from emblem. Last layer I would suggest Bounty Hunter, since we need gold leading as Yi Sun-shin, or even as marksman, this talent helps to build necessary items faster.


Summoner Spells

There is always a reason when choosing the best summoner spell for each game, depends on what are the enemy heroes, whether you have enough support from your teammates. There are three choices of summoner spell, I would explain under what circumstance will you need which one.


First choice: Flicker - always a way out


Popular heroes these days usually have blink abilities, Lancelot, Gusion, Harley, Kagura, Ruby, Akai, and so on. Yi Sun-shin has first ability to escape from battle, however, he might also uses that ability a lot to chase and kill the back row of enemy team. Thus he needs second escape ability, flicker can be used either to avoid burst damage, or chase enemy. If enemy team has two or more heroes with blink ability, then flicker will be best choice. Or you are playing classic with your friends, blind pick and you have no idea what kind of enemy you will face, better take flicker to safe position.


Second choice: Retribution  most suitable for quick farming


Yi Sun-shin can kill monsters faster with passive; however, this can be much faster with the help of retribution. I recommend to upgrade jungle item (Hunters knife) once when Yi Sun-shin goes to mid lane, into Nimble Blade if you need more damage, and Pillager Axe if you cannot dodge the poke by your opponent. However when Yi Sun-shin goes to side lanes, I recommend not to upgrade the jungle item, because you can guarantee kill of the monster to get gold and buffs.


Last but not least choice: Inspire  The Last Stand


As marksman, team requires damage support and ability to reap. Then inspire is the best choice. If your team has hero with strong protection such as Lolita or Tigreal, communicate with them to peel you during team fight, and inspire could help destroy your enemies easily. In other cases, you are facing two or more chargers in enemy team, and you can barely rely on your teammates, pick inspire and make full use of your passive ability to deal loads of damage in melee range, build Haass Claws as early as possible to be the last stand.



Passive-Heavenly Vow


Yi chooses his longbow or glaive to attack according to his distance from the target. Using skills or the glaive to attack will deal more damage and also slow them. A naval fleet will be summoned to the allied base and strengthen it. The hero can board the turtle ship beside the base periodically and get buffs.


Tips & Tricks

1.5 times damage in melee range makes Yi likes melee fights, and he is seeking every single chance to deal damage as close as possible, which also slows enemy. Keep an eye on enemy heroes’ significant cc and stun ability, and then leap on their face to deal more damage. Do not hesitate to kill minions and monsters faster with melee range attacks as well.


First ability-One-wave Sweep


Wields the glaive and slashes forwards while jumping backwards, dealing 160/190/220/250/280/310 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way and lowering their movement speed by 40%/40%/40%/40%/40%/40%, lasting 2/2/2/2/2/2s. When Yi is on the Turtle Ship, the ship will dash towards the target, dealing 200/235/270/305/340/375 pts of physical damage to the first enemy it collides with and other nearby enemies, stunning them for 1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5/1.5s.


Tips & Tricks

Standing and dealing damage near an obstacle which could be jumped over is pretty wise for Yi. Also use this ability to dodge lethal damage. The turtle ship is firstly available at 3 minute, and refresh every 3 minutes. Try to ride turtle ship to gank enemy together with your teammates, or go back to your lane faster. The turtle ship can pass obstacles but not the minions and monsters.


Second ability-Blood Floods


Shoots a piercing arrow at full strength, dealing 160/180/200/220/240/260 pts of physical damage to enemies as well as slowing them. The arrow\'s attack range and damage scales with charge time. The first enemy hit takes full damage, the next one takes 20%/20%/20%/20%/20%/20% less damage, and so on up to 40%/40%/40%/40%/40%/40% less damage. When charging, movement speed will be reduced slightly.


Tips & Tricks

The longest range is actually same as the vision range, which means that you can charge the arrow without being sense by your enemy and fire the arrow on their face. Or, find a bush to charge your arrow and shoot it accurately on your enemy. In early game, an arrow that is not charged deals more damage than your basic attack and provides slow effect, but try to shoot the arrow between two basic attacks.


Ultimate ability-Mountain Shocker


Orders the naval fleet to launch three-wave attacks of fire arrows. Each wave of attack will deal 165/225/285 pts of physical damage and will also slow the enemy.


Tips & Tricks

Keep an eye on mini map, when you see your teammates or enemy hero uses blink or charge ability, fires your ult without hesitation. If you have enough time to observe the team-fight by click on the mini map, and you see an enemy hero running away with very low hp, use your ult after 4-5 seconds when they disappear from vision. Because recall needs 6 seconds, and they will be able to dodge Yis ult damage if they have upgraded boots. But when you hit them with first wave of ult damage, they are slowed and will take both three waves from your ult. But always try to use ult during team-fight for assists. In mid or late game, if you smell ambush around bush or lord, use your ult to reveal the position of your enemies.









  Swift boots        Wizard boots

Swift boots: suitable when you are using marksman emblem, to trigger Weakness Finder easily. And you like to attend team fights since early game, not only to use your, and then you can benefit from the attack speed.


Wizard boots: from the name of this item, we see it might be designed for mage, however when you find yourself hard to survive from enemy burst damage, this is perfect item. Together with Pillager Axe makes Yi hard to be killed. And the unique passive, 80 gold will be rewarded from assists, is perfectly matching with Yis ult. If you use assassin emblem with Wizard Boots, thats lot of extra gold from kills (Bounty Hunter) and assists.


Set of gears

1. Solo mid


It is important to survive from 1 on 1, because one time you get killed alone, it will be extremely hard to go back to your lane. For example, you are laning against Lancelot, Hayabusa, or Gusion, they deal lethal damage, you need some hp together with armor and magic resistance. Build Pillager Axe early and it also helps when killing turtle and lord. Last item I prefer Rose Gold Meteor , but you can also build Immortality  to survive against one-time burst hero, and second chance for yourself.


2. Better damage dealing environment


You can go a bit more aggressive with this build, after Berserkers Fury  you can also choose Windtalker , to easily trigger the passive of Scarlet Phantom . Then you need another item to help you survival, Immortality  is a good choice.


3. Against too tanky enemy


There are too many OP tanky heroes these days, for example you see two or more tanky heroes, for example, Johnson and Hylos in enemy team, you might need this build. Because it is pretty risky to cross these heroes to kill enemy back row, the best option would be kill these tanks as soon as possible.


4. Late game transformation


After 15 or 20 minutes game time, everyone has the ultimate build. One team fight will decide the whole game. First thing is that as main damage dealer, you need to be very cautious, only enter bushes after your tank. Sell your boots and go for more damage in a short time. If you can reach back row, build Immortality  instead of Malefic Roar, to prevent sudden death and be responsible for your team.


As we have mentioned previously, Yi can almost fit any situation and line-up in the game, this is because everyone likes slowed and not full hp enemies. When you see from the mini map that your teammate is ganking your lane, use ult  at first to ensure that during the next team fight, no other enemy hero(s) is going to join surprisingly, and this helps slow enemy(s). Then immediately charge your second ability-Blood Floods, and try to hit the slowed enemy.


To have combo with some specific heroes which are good at gank, such as Karina and Saber, an accurate arrow will guarantee the kill.



Turtle and Lord

First turtle will come up at 2 minute in the game, then 2 minutes after get killed, it will refresh. After testing with equipped full level assassin emblem, Yi can kill turtle alone in 25 seconds with only two items-Hunters Knife and Vampire Mallet, and this costs about half hp.


After 06:04 during the game, turtle will transfer into lord. If turtle was killed less than two minutes before, then next refresh will be lord directly. Lord has cool down of 6 minutes. And the least items you need to solo lord as yi are: Hunters Knife and Haass Claws. You need about 50 secs to kill lord, and 40% hp will be left. That means if you want to steal lord alone in game, you need to find really good timing, better with the protection or scout surroundings by your teammates.


Turtle and lord can both give you big advantage in game, turtle gives gold and experience to all teammates, while lord will help the team that kills him to push the most vulnerable lane (Least hp of enemy towers left).


Final Words

Yi is one of the most powerful marksman in current version, if you are looking for some marksman hero to get high mastery, I strongly recommend Yi. But if you want to be really professional with him, practice makes perfect.


This is my first official guide, and I really like to share my findings with all of you. Hope you guys enjoy the game, and see you at the Land of Dawn!

MGL Team---Chess

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