Comprehensive guide on Tank-Uranus (Ethereal Defender)

Heroes: Uranus

Uranus is one of the most tanky heroes in mobile legend due to his passive skill and relatively low cooldown shield from his second active skill. In addition, in my opinion, this hero is particularly designed to counter assassin heroes, which are very strong in current meta (eg, Gussion, Lancelot, Saber, Helcurt, Fanny, n Martis). Uranus Tankiness can negate most of the damages from these assassins; moreover, his ultimate can crowd control and neutralize most assassins’ mobility abilities.


Passive: Radiance



Note: Very straightforward skill. This Passive is the reason why Uranus so tanky in the game. He literally can stand in front line protecting his damage dealers without any worry.

1st Active Skill: Ionic Orbit



Note: A skill that integrate together with his passive and give him more stacks every time you use it (more stack= more hp for him=more tankiness). AOE damage, enemies attack n magic power debuff and movement speed debuff in one packet make this skill very powerful especially in a team fight. Imagine when you can hit all five enemies in a team fight, it will significantly increase your team chance to ace the fight and win the game.

Max this skill last due to its mana constraint. Remember Uranus is a tank hero, so he does not really have high mana pool or items that can really sustain his mana to spam this skill.




2nd active skill:



Note: Uranus Bread and Butter skill. This is one of the main reasons why he arguably is the best tank in mobile legend right now. Imagine you can get 1000shield every 12seconds (without cooldown reduction) for 4 seconds. This skill will be extremely useful during early laning phase to trade HP with your laning opponents. It is very difficult for Uranus to lose his lane with his 2nd skill>1st skill n passive combination.

It also provides you with 30% movement speed bonus, so as Uranus, you can roam quicker and help other lane faster and outmanoeuvre your opponents.

Ultimate Skill: Ionic Orbit



Note: As I mentioned before, this skill really counter current meta, where high mobility assassin heroes thrive in all ranked games. Uranus ultimate can easily lock assassins down and then give your teammates opportunity to burst them. (especially fanny hehe)

Item Build


At the beginning of the game buy boot for extra mobility, so you can help your teammates faster early (roam mid, invade enemy’s jungle, or even protect your own jungle). After buying boots, buy one magic necklace (120 gold) for extra mana sustainability then proceed to one of dominance ice component, black ice shield for early cooldown reduction, mana and armor. Do not worry about magic resistance, because you already got +20 magic resistance from tank emblem. (if your hp fall below 40% , then +55magic resist).

After this, you can just follow system item recommendation referring to this item order.

Wizard Boots:

Additional hp and very useful passive for tanks as tanks usually got many assists.


More cooldown reduction, magic resist, hp and very useful passive for tank sustainability.

Wings of apocalypse queen

Significant bonus hp, extra cooldown reduction and boost your tankiness when your health fall below 40%.

Dominance Ice

Finally, you can finish your black ice component and upgrade it to dominance ice. Extra armor, mana, cooldown reduction and slow passive. By this point together with extra cdr from your tank emblem, Uranus will have 40% cooldown reduction.

Thunderbelt has been changed in recent patched, now it provides mana regen, armor hp, and even cooldown reduction.

Immortality to give you more magic resist, hp and give you second chance in case you make a mistake (we cannot play perfectly all the time anyway)





I’m using tank emblem for Uranus, and I choose this tree. I maxed out my “shield” for +12magic resist, because by right without any item your magic resist basic stats will be much lower than your armor.  After that, choose inspire for more cooldown reduction (10% CDR in total). Cooldown reduction is really important for Uranus as his skills have relatively high cooldown, especially his ultimate.

Then I choose “tenacity” out of 3 last option. “tenacity” is the main reason why I chose this emblem over other emblems. “Tenacity” (When health is below 40%, gains extra 35 points of physical and magical defences), in my opinion this is extremely important for survivability.

Battle Spell:



Flicker is always a decent choice for any heroes in mobile legend. The mobility it offers is invaluable. For Uranus, he can initiate team fight well with flicker. For instance, flicker> 1st skill into crowded enemies to slow and debuff their attack n magic power. Or you can collaborate flicker with your ultimate to kidnap opponent assassins or carries. Or just save your life by using flicker to go through the wall. Overall, flicker is definitely most powerful spell in mobile legend right now. We can use it both offensively or defensively.


Skill and Gameplay tips

Early Game

Uranus laning phase is very strong, one of the strongest early game hero in Mobile legend. His first skill together with his 2nd n passive skills can easily trade hp with enemies and harass them out of your lane. Try to find opportunity to help your mid laner. Uranus can roam relatively quicker compared to other tanks due to the movement speed bonus from Uranus 2nd skill.

Mid Game and Late Game.

As usual, try to find opportunity to initiate a good team fight as a tank. Flicker>1st skill> 2nd skill is a strong combo for Uranus to surprise enemy team. Or Flicker> ultimate to kidnap n immediately burst enemy carries or assassins (together with your team).

Also as a tank, do not forget to protect your own carries and damage dealer. Your 1st skill is an outstanding peeling skill as it slow enemies down and debuff their attack power. With Uranus, enemies will think twice whether to dive your damage dealers or not.


Credit: Special thanks to VYgaming. His gameplay definitely helps me writing this guide by illustrating how each skill works to the readers.

All the best for the readers!! Have fun!!


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