Aetheral Defender- Uranus


Uranus A.K.A "The Fountain of Life" The ultimate tank that doesn't care how much damage you can deal as he'll just regenerate all of it in short amount of time. Uranus' Main power is regenerating his health points, as it can reach whooping amount of HP per second that can put all burst damagers and dps out there into shame.


Uranus Specialties:

Power Reduction   Disabling Fight Initiator   Damage Taker   

Front liner Target Lock ON




Radiance - Uranus absorbs the energy generated by attacks made against him and                                                         

Strengthens himself, regenerating 2-9 HP per second for each stack. Over 8 sec stacks up to 20 times.

Tip: Fighting near minions will help you stack up faster as everyone will be dealing damage with Uranus.


















Tip: Building items with health regent can boost this ability even further that will maximize Uranus' capability


















Note: Necklace of Endurance can halve the effect of his regeneration


First Skill:

Iconic Edge: Uranus releases two energy spheres that orbit around him, reducing  

both magic and physical power of enemies hit by 15% more importantly also reduces their movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds. Each stack of radiance increases damage dealt by 3% that can reach up to 60% more damage for spheres. However it can only deal damage once per enemies.


















Tip: Matching up with demons advent that eats up 6% of enemy’s power with dominance ice to slow down enemies both attack speed and movement speed would be a devastating power up for Uranus.


Tip: Try prioritizing enemies whom deal the most damage to lower their damage output and make a huge advantage in the battlefield.

Second Skill:

Transcendent Ward- Uranus generates a shield that absorbs damage for 4 seconds

Granting him a full immunity for slowing effects or crowd control. The shield will then explode dealing magic damage within a small parameter around him. Tip: Should be used for initiating team fights as of you gains slow immunity or can also be used for escaping.

Tip: Charge!! This ability allows Uranus to ignore nonsense heroes and focus on the high priority heroes slow immunity is the best key for rushing out there to focus on the high priority heroes like marksmen’s.

Ultimate skill:

Consecration: Uranus unleashes energy stored within his body to disable the designated

Enemy hero dealing magic damage, while granting him 6 stacks of radiance, after briefly disabling the target Uranus pulls himself toward the target together dealing magic damage.

Tip: Highly recommended for disabling the most mobile enemy heroes such as fanny. Also can be used to disable the most devastating heroes as example roger and other high dps heroes.


Maximizing Uranus' Main Ability is important as items are available to make him tougher and cooler more like the seventh planet in our solar system.



Recommended Items:

Boots of Tranquility: Starting of the game with better movement speed   

Would really help even more benefits with 20 health and manna regent. Also packed up with unique passive ability that boosts your healing ability by 10% best with Uranus passive ability.



Oracle: Followed up with oracle that gives so much for a tank. As Uranus deals damage

based on magic power and somehow also relies on his abilities oracle gives 10% cool down reduction, 850HP, little bit of magic resistance and hp regent. Unique passive ability that will give ability to regent even more for Uranus after being attack by enemies that equals to 8% of his health points, building more Hp for Uranus would help.




Thunder Belt : 800 Health points, 30 mana regen, 5% cool down reduction, 40 armor

and 15 heal point regen this item completely matches Uranus needs. With unique ability that will slow down enemies hit after casting a skill that results in a true damage output.


Clock Of Destiny: Uranus aint just for tanking and healing health points as of Uranus deals   

damage from magic power clock of destiny offers so much 60 base magic power ,615 health points and 600 base mana with more effects after hitting the maximum stacks for this item as of its unique ability ranging up to 300 more mana and 5% cool down reduction packed up with bonus health points and 50 magic attack or magic power. You can deal minimal amount of damage with these bonus magic power and cool down reductions while tanking and regenerating fair amount of health points while in battlefield.


Dominance Ice: Granting 500 mana 70 armor and 5% critical damage reduction but

more catching here is its unique passive ability it does gives a huge 15% cool down reduction and lowers movement speed and attack speed of nearby enemy heroes. Matching it up with Uranus first ability will generate so much debuffs with the enemies.


Demon's Advent: Best item for maximizing uranus' first ability output it grants uranus

920 health points, 54 armor and 30 hp regen but here's the catch when enemy hits uranus the item will reduce the enemies power by 6% both magic and physical applying with the uranus first skill could lead to more devastating debuff for the enemies.


Bloodthirsty King: More of a lifesaver item as of killing and assisting allies with slaying

enemies grants you 20% health regeneration abiltiy within 5 seconds paired with his passive is massive! granting him a huge amount of healthpoints 1550 thus making him tougher and tougher to kill.


Talent Set:

Getting Support Talent Set would be the best option as you can be granted with

Vitality grants  bonus 300 health points and gift for more healing effect.


Lastly the main talent would be "Pull Yourself Together" reducing resurrecting time by  

15% the longer the battle lasts the more benefit of this talent that will be useful and spell cool down reduced by 15% too.


Battle Spell: 

Healing Spell: Back up source of mana and health points.

Arrival: Map control

Aegis: Ally assist

Petrify: More enemy disabling

Best Teamates:

Eudora Lancelot


Diggie Vexana


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