High Mobility



Easy to Learn

Team Fighter

Fast Regeneration

Damage Resistant


Passive • Radiance 

Uranus absorbs the damage made against him, to regenerate a small amount of health every second. The healing increases as it can be stacked up to 20 times.



Slowly stack your passive ability first before going into battle. You can :


Use the enemy minions.



Or jungle monsters since killing it regenerates a small portion of health and mana.



1st Skill • Ionic Edge 

Uranus unleash 2 energy spheres around himself that reduces the physical attack, magic power and movement speed of the enemy it hits.



You can use this to escape away from enemies since it can reduce their movement speed.



And also in chasing. Slow them down for your allies to catch up and help you kill the target.



Use it also in farming by clearing lanes faster and easier.



2nd Skill • Transcendent Ward 

Applies a shield to Uranus that explodes upon reaching its maximum damage absorbing capacity or when the timer ends. Uranus also becomes immune to slow effects while increasing his own movement speed.



Gank enemies and help your allies by weakening and tanking the damage dealt by the targets.



You can also use this in escaping as this enhances the movement speed of Uranus.



3rd Skill • Consecration 

Uranus holds the targeted enemy for a moment while giving himself 6 stacks of radiance and pulls himself and the target together.



Disable the enemy that deals the biggest damage since Uranus can't move while holding the target so his allies can easily exterminate the selected target.



Use 2nd skill to apply shield on Uranus.



Then use 1st skill to weaken the attack power of the enemies and also their movement speed.



After that, use the 3rd skill on the enemy hero that deals the biggest damage to reduce their damage output.




Use 2nd skill to reach the enemy faster.



Then 1st skill to decrease their damage. Save the 3rd skill if possible just in case you need to use it for later.


1.          2.          3.

Always max ionic edge first then transcendent ward second.

Level up consecration when available.BATTLE SPELLS

Healing Spell


Heal Uranus and his teammates to increase their chances of survival.




Adds a shield to Uranus to enhance his tanking capabilities or you can cast it to your allies instead.




Use this to escape or easily reach your allies to help them in battle.




Stun your enemies by turning them into stones to disable them.EMBLEM SET

Magical Emblem Set

This emblem set increases the health, decreases the cooldown reduction, adds spell vamp and grants 3% health and 2% mana after killing a minion to strengthen the capabilities of Uranus.


Tank Emblem Set


Increase the health and magic resistance of Uranus and when his health drops to 40%, increases his physical and magical defense which is useful in team fights as he tanks and absorbs the damage.ITEM BUILD

This build will strengthen the capabilities of Uranus, both magical and physical to be able to give his all for his allies to win the battle.


Boots of Tranquility

For movement speed, health and mana regeneration.


Adds magic resistance, health regeneration and cooldown reduction also within 4 seconds after being attacked, the hero will regen 8% health.

Dominance Ice

Adds mana, armor and critical strike reduction also lowers the movement speed by 5% and the attack speed by 30% of nearby enemy heroes.

Demons Advent

Adds another health and armor while increasing the health regeneration. When an enemy hero attacks, this ability will reduce their attack power by 6% that stacks up to 3 times.


Another health and magic resistance. After dying, revive with 15% health and a shield that absorbs minimum damage.

Demon Wings

Increases again the health and cooldown reduction. Increases the physical and magical defense when health drops to 40%.HERO GRAPH

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