Helcurt- “The Shadowbringer”

"Helcurt" AKA The Nightmare of Heroes. Helcurt posseses great power for controlling the whole land of dawn, from monster slaying to kill domination. Helcurt can instantly blink and reap you apart.


Helcurt's Specialty:

Surprise Charge

Crowd Control

Jungle Control

Map Control

Burst Damage

High Mobility


Helcurt's Abilities:



                   Race Advantage-

                   Targets casting any kind of skill within 3 yards of where helcurt is will be silenced for a second if their skill deals damage. This effect has 3 seconds cooldown per target.















Trick: This skill contributes more on helcurt's mobility as it cancels all the combo bursting damage like eudora for performing their devastating combo.Following with a Shadow Rush to flee away.















Tip: You can combine shadow rush to consecutively silence enemies that has high amount of CC skills to be casted.















First Skill:

                 Shadow Rush-

                  Vanishes right away and appears at a target location silencing all the nearby enemies for 1.5 seconds. Activating this skill while his ultimate is inflicts extra slow effects to all enemies that were hit.


Tricks: Shadow Rush is best used for locking down enemies with mobility skills or dashing skills. Silencing enemies before using their dashing abilities can make a huge advantage for you to freely hit them.
















Tricks 2 : Pass through terrains to confuse enemies and make them hardly predict your movement




Tip 2: Use this ability for charging up with the squishiest hero (ex: Lesley) that will cancel their mobility skills and freely hitting them up.


Second Skill:

                    Deadly Poisoned Stingers-

                   The source of helcurt's burst damage, Each basic attack grants helcurt one charge of stingers that can be stacked up to 5 times that also stacks up the slowing effect provided up to 60% for 5 stingers.The stingers will disapper one by one within due time.


Helcurt controls the jungle area as what I said on his specialties' Helcurt can clear monsters so fast as of with his stingers. 5 stacks then BOOM! Probably the best jungle out there for fast pacing game! Obtaining Brutal Talent will even empower helcurt's damage output with the monsters.

















Tip 1: Charge up 4 or 5 stingers with the nearest monsters or minnions before charging up to the enemy. It allows you to instanly hit them before reacting then consecutively charge up more stingers while waiting for it's cooldown.















Tip 2: Killing more monsters as you can is the best as this skill is aoe the monsters on the top jungle area with  2 monsters is the best starting point. Tip 3 : Clearing Minnion wave is also easy just take note of positioning your self nicely to hit all the minnions and easily clear up minnion waves and save time.















Ultimate Skill:

                  Dark Night Falls:

                  Passively grants helcurt more attackspeed as it levels up. Helcurt summons the night that everyone is scared of. Making all the enemies lose their map sight and reducing their vision range  for 3.5 seconds.















Upon summoning the night, the night grants helcurt additional 10%-20% attackspeed and a monsterous amount of movement speed meant for hunting enemies.


Tricks: Summoning the night can help you escape from enemy chase as it loses the vision of the enemie that makes you freely move and also grants 65%-75% bestial movementspeed.


Tricks 2: Anywhere you are in the map even your'e not active clasher in the battlefights you can support your allies either with escaping or fighting as this skill is globally activated granting your allies freely moving space and more control with the battlefield within 8 seconds.


Tip 1: Assassinating high mobility enemies would be easier activating the night as they lose vision and with the timeframe the stingers won't start fading away with the due time.


Note: The ultimate effect does not affects the enemy helcurt.


Skill Combos:

Combos for heroes is too overrated. Combos are meant to be discovered and personally made with the user as it suits with their playstyle, However you can greatly make use of your skills for different scenarios.





Assasination Combo:

It is highly recommended to focus on the marksmans or the enemy team's squishest hero as of what assassins were doing. First charging up 5 stingers before engaging. First skill to silence the enemy followed with a basic attack if ever you have endless battle followed with 5 stingers if needed you can consecutively activate your passive skill to gain more map control and movemenspeed.









Skill Path:

Skill path recommendations depends on your playstyle. For burst damager or killer type :


For roaming and assisting/ganking type :








Item Guide:


Best Item:

                 Endless Battle:

                 Grants 65 attack power, 25 Mana Regen, 250 hp, 10% CD Reduction, 5% Movementspeed , 15 lifesteal. Devastating unique passive skill with true damage based from 85% of your attack power with a bonus 15% movementspeed upon activating.This allows helcurt become more devastating as he can consume skills and hit firmly with his targets.


Top Tier Items:

                 Wizard Boots:

                 Bonus  gold for every assists you can achieve specially with your global ultimate and some movementspeed.


                 Haas's Claws-

                 If you're pursuing attackspeed type helcurt but it would hurt your health points unless you can manage it by choosing right emblem and talent set.



                  Corrosion Scythe:

                  The best top tier item you can build as it slows down enemies and provides nice health points and more attackspeed.



Item Build:

Personal Build:

Starting of with swift boots as i get movementspeed and attackspeed as early as possible. Followed with full build of raptor machete then demon hunter sword and blade of the seven seas as it lowers enemy's defense resulting to higher stinger's damage.Rose gold meteor to balance durability with magic resistance and some lifesteal. Lastly Corrosion Scythe as it slows down enemies from every hit and provides attackspeed and health points. Overall this build contains lifesteal,durability and moderate damage.





Battle Spells:


               The most used spell for helcurt as it can deal true damage with right talent set that is far better than execute and lets helcurt kill monsters and jungles easier. Upgraded version provides slow effect with the enemy heroes.




          People rarely uses it but I always use pertrify instead of retribution, Once again playing heroes really varies from their users i love petrify for holding enemies within half a second for repositioning and hitting all the stingers resulting them to be slowwed by 60%.




Emblems And Talents:

Jungler Emblem/Talent Set:

Max Jungle Emblem Will Provide 6%Movementspeed which is the best for helcurt, some lifesteal and great amount of healtpoints. Talent helps alot as choosing brutal for 21% more damage for monsters for faster jungling and vitality for 300 health points and lastly wild power to empower your retribution.


I use Assassin Emblem/Talent Set

It provides little movementpseed but with nice cd reduction and some crit chance that can make huge difference in early game. Agility that grants 6% movementspeed fatal for some crit chance and high and dry that maximizes your damage with solo enemies.

Hero Relationship Graphs:






Synergy With:





Countered By:

Yi Sun Shin


Gatot Kacha

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