● Passive

● Skills

● Skill effects





● Hit enemy 5 basic attacks will summon a clone, it can be managed whether will it attack or follow and attack near enemies. This passive can be triggered from time to time. Also the clone gives heal with every attack it does to enemy. Clone will stay as long as Sun does basic attack and clone is not targetted.


● Whenever near Sun an automatic 10% reduce in armor is activated, which can be stack 3 times since Sun can summon clone 2 times (2 clones + Sun = 3)(10% x 3 = 30%). This is a lot especially Sun’s clone receive an equal strength from Sun (explaining further with skills).

Skill - FIRST


● Sun and his clone, slashes forward dealing damage simultaneously; lowering enemies movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds likewise.



● Sun will throw the staff to a direction and deals damage. Likewise when an enemy is hit a clone will be summoned. Decreases enemy movement speed for 40% for 4 secs(from 2secs in past skill). Skill only work for enemy hero and jungle monster, when uses to minions no clone will be summoned. Also the clone triggers the passive, with 1st clone 20% armor reduction.


Skill - SECOND


● Sun and clone launches to a designated area to deal damage. This skill also is good for escaping from a chase.


● Sun and clone, launches a quick attack to an enemy raising both movement speed by 30% for 2.5 seconds. The rework removes the ability to escape a chase since it attacks directly.




● Sun summons 2 clones at once with increased attack power and health. If a clone is summoned from passive, it will vanish.



● Sun summons a 1 clone with 70%(lvl 4), 85%(lvl 8), 100%(lvl 12). Furthermore, the clone will last for 12 seconds - so fighting a full build Sun will clone is like up against 2 of him at the same time. Also passive is triggered getting 30% armor reduction, if 1st skill is casted with ult.



In-game gears that gives passive will also take effect on clones. Both 2 clones will get the shield from Athena’s Shield. Like to any item that gives special passive.

An easy Lord objective when Sun is full built and clone is 100% copy of him. Larger damage dealt and more heal. 1st skill can also be casted repeatedly.

1st skill doesn’t work with minions, so don’t bother summoning a clone with a minion. 



● Buff with every skill

● Skill effects reworked

● Passive is hugely buffed in dealing up 30% armor reduction

● Decreased of enemy movement from 2 secs to 4 secs

● No more escape skill, unless flicker is used as spell

● No more management of clone to whether it attacks or follow.

● Clone from ultimate is a 100% copy of Sun.

● Pushing is easier and faster with full clone copy of Sun.

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