Angela might be one of the best support heroes. Unlike the other support heroes, you don’t really need to do tank build with her. You can still build full magic damage with her and it will be even beneficial because of her ultimate. Now I’ll share one of the best full magic build for her that I found most success with.






The 10% cooldown reduction is crucial during early game. Since this build don’t have have enchanted talisman, the 10%cooldown reduction is great so you can stack your first skill very fast.



I take this item to replace Enchanted Talisman. Enchanted Talisman can give you 20% cooldodwn reduction right of the bat but the drawback is when you use Enchanted Talisman you magic power will be lowered compared to when you take Lightning Truncheon. Remember, the shield you can give to your teammate when using you ultimate is based on her magic power.


Calamity Scythe


Even more cooldown reduction. This item passive work great with Angela first skill. Her first skill can stack 5 times. So what this mean is, you can deal 5 time true damage to your enemies just from his first skill alone.

Necklace of Durance


With this item, you willnow have at least 25%cooldown reduction. This item passive will also reduces the enemy regen effect by half which is great Angela. Although Angela can heal, she can heal continuously like Estes. So you might as well reduce the enemy regen effect. Remember, whatever you do, you’re still a support, so keep supporting your teammate.  

Ice Queen Wand


This item is very good with Angela first skill. The slow effect from this item passive is good if you want to support your team chased escaping enemy.

Blood Wing 




Take Blood Wings for massive amount of damage and shield from Angela ultimate during late game. Alternatively, you could also take Immortality for survivability.


Recommended Emblem

Support Emblem



 By taking support emblem with this particular talent, you don’t have to worry too much about cooldown reduction and you can focus a lot more on buying more powerful magic item instead of buying Enchanted Talisman.

Recommended Battle Spell



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