Jungle Heart – Irithel (Marksman)


· Burst Damage




Irithel is one of the strongest marksman in the game in terms of the damage it can deliver to your opponent. If she reached her maximum level and has already farmed her items, it is very impossible to beat her in team fight unless you have a very good strategy in outsmarting her in the game. Because of her ultimate skill, she can easily swipe the entire enemy team and can kill each enemy heroes with just three hits thus making her the ultimate marksman you can use for the game. Unlike any other marksman hero, Irithel can deliver her heavy damage to the enemies while moving because of her passive ability which means she can continuously chase or run away and at the same time hitting them with her arrows.


For the early part of the game, the best way to play her is by playing safe. Even if she is a very powerful marksman, she is a very easy target in the early game so farming your item fast is the best strategy. When buying her first item, I highly recommend buying jungle item first. Hunter knife would already be enough to use for your farming and you don’t need to complete the whole item like star shard, beast killer or raptor machete since it will consume a lot of coins which you can already use to buy your core item instead.


Hunter’s Knife – This item cost 280 only and will provide you +20% damage to monsters and grants you extra 15% experience when jungling. This item will greatly help you farm your item fast and at the same time grants you additional experience that can help you level up faster in the game. For marksman heroes, it is more advisable to lane either in the bottom or top lane but not limited to middle lane. In this way marksman cannot be easily targeted and will have his/her allies help in farming items.


When playing mid lane for your team it is more recommended to farm at the nearest jungle monster first because one of the most common strategy of the enemies on the early game is by ganking the mid. Another important note is that you should not focus in farming only since you are still responsible in protecting your mid turrets. The best way you can do is to alternately farm your nearest jungle monster in your lane and the enemy’s minions in the mid area. This way, you can maximize your farming.


When playing in the bottom or top lane, the same principle will also apply. Farm to the nearest jungle and alternate on your lane. The benefit of playing in the bottom or top lane is you can ensure that you cannot be ganked easily since you have a teammate in your lane to help you. Aside from this, you can play your game safely so you can buy your item more quickly.


When playing Irithel, you should not start ganking the other lane when you don’t have your ultimate yet since this will be your main skill when you are delivering heavy damage. By having the hunter’s knife as your first item, you can easily kill jungle monsters fast and be able to get your items quickly.

One can say that Irithel is the comeback hero of the game. In my experience in playing Irithel, even if we already lost majority of our turrets, we can easily turn the game around as long as Irithel is able to buy all her items and reached her maximum level because during clash in the game, she can kill all the enemy heroes quickly thus giving you a fast push to comeback the game.


Just like any other marksman heroes, the main drawbacks when playing her is her defensive properties since she is a very squishy hero and has no escape skills during the early part of the game. Aside from this, she has a very low health points making her an easy target for the enemy team. So when playing Irithel, you should be very strategic and you must have a good map awareness so you can easily spot the missing hero and will gives you the right predictions when you think that the enemy are planning their gank attack to you.




Passive – Jungle Heart

Irithel and Leo know each other so well that allows her to shoot while moving.  Each basic attack shoots out 3 heavy arrows (It takes a while to reload the heavy blow), each arrow deals 42% physical damage. (Only the first arrow can trigger gear passive abilities).

As mention a while ago, Irithel can hit her enemy’s while moving. This ability is a very useful passive skill when you are chasing or running away from your foe because this will enhance your mobility when delivering your heavy blow giving you more time in killing them.



Figure 1. Passive skill jungle heart being triggered




1ST Skill – Strafe

Shoots a round of arrows, dealing 250 (+60% total physical ATK) physical damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their physical defense by 15 for 3 seconds.


Cooldown  10

Skill Consumption 90/100/110/120/130/140

Base Damage  250/280/310/340/370/400

Armor Down  15/24/33/42/51/60




Figure 2. Strafe skill being used


You can use this skill to farm your items in the early game faster since you can reduce the armor of multiple enemies and also provides additional damage giving you a quicker farm. Remember, Irithel is an item dependent hero so she needs a lot of farm to make her stronger.




2nd Skill – Force of the Queen

Leo shouts loudly, dealing 200 (+60% total physical ATK) physical damage to the enemies in the area and reducing their movement speed by 80% for 2 seconds.


Cooldown  10/9/8/8/7/7

Skill Consumption 60/70/80/90/100/110

Base Damage  200/230/260/290/320/350



Figure 3. Force of the Queen being used


This skill is also a great skill you can use for escaping or chasing your enemy in the game since you can slow them down and give you enough time to run or fight them when needed since you can provide 80% movement speed reduction to your enemy for 2 seconds.




3rd Skill – Heavy Crossbow

Jumps forward and equips a heavy crossbow that increases basic attack by 10%, dealing physical damage to an enemy and nearby enemies for 15 seconds.


Cooldown:  36 seconds

Mana Cost:  120

Skill Consumption: 120/160/200

Damage Bonus:  10%/20%/30%


Irithel’s ultimate is her most deadly skill that can deliver your team to victory. One thing to remember when using this skill is perfect timing and great strategy. It is best to use this skill when your enemy has already used their crowd control ability so that they cannot disable you when you are bringing havoc to their team. Remember a fast farm in completing your items will further increase the damage capability of this skill. Based on previous experience in the game, when you reach your maximum level and you are able to buy majority of your items in the game no one can stop you when delivering deadly blows as she can hit huge burst amount of damage to your enemy and sometimes you can even three hits your enemy with this skill.



Figure 4. Heavy Crossbow being used





In choosing which skills you should prioritize for Irithel, always maximize his first skill before your second skill and choose the ultimate next when it is already available. With this pattern you are able to farm faster in the game and at the same time you become a more effective marksman with deadly blows.






For Irithel’s gear set, the following items are the most useful in enhancing his abilities:


Swift Boots – This boots will provide +40 movement speed and at the same time will give you +15% attack speed. This boots will help Irithel farm faster in the game and at the same time the extra attack speed she can gain from this boots will create a big difference in team fight when delivering your damage to your enemies.


Haas’s Claws – Provides additional 70 physical attack with 20% lifesteal. When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical lifesteal. The main purpose of this item is for Irithel’s survivability in the game. Since she is very squishy, she needs a huge amount of lifesteal in the game. This item will also help her farm her item quicker so that she will not keep on returning to the base to regenerate.


Berserker’s Fury – Provides 65 physical ATK, 25% critical chance and 40% critical damage. This item will provide a unique passive ability that will increase her physical attack by 5% lasting for 2 seconds whenever her critical damage is triggered. This item will greatly enhance her ultimate skill because aside from her added physical damage 30% at maximum level, she will further increase her critical strike thus allowing her to deliver deadly blow in the game. When you are able to complete your first three items, Irithel can already become a very dangerous marksman in your game.


Rose Gold Meteor – Provides 60 Physical ATK, 30 Magic resistance and 5% lifesteal. This item will give you bonus shield that can absorb 510-1350 damage (Increase with level) when HP is below 30%. The effect has a 30 second cooldown. This item will provide Irithel additional survivability in the game to make her last longer in battle, the additional shield this item can provide would already make a huge difference in winning the battle for your team as it will buy you more time when executing your skills to your enemies.


Scarlet Phantom – Provides 30 Physical ATK, 40% attack speed and 10% critical chance. Critical strike will increase the hero’s attack speed 25% and critical strike rate 5%, lasting 2 seconds. With this item, you can further enhance Irithel’s attack speed. Her attack speed also plays a major role for her gameplay since she needs to deliver her damage more quickly so that the enemy will not have enough time to regenerate skill ability that they can use to throw in the game when you are in a team clash. At this point you can now sell your jungle item in so that you will make more room for your last item.


Windtalker – Provides 25% attack speed, 20 movement speed, and 20% critical chance. After every 4 basic attacks, the next basic attack will deal 100 magic damage to 3 enemies and at the same time increases with attack speed. Each time this passive ability is triggered your movement speed will also increase by 5% for a short period of time. The last item on my list is an item that will further enhance her attack and movement speed, at the same time her critical chances also increases. Since she needs a high percentage of attack speed to deliver her damage since her ultimate will last only for about 15 seconds when triggered, you need to make every second counts when you are delivering your damage. With this item, the additional movement speed will also help you catch the enemy when they are escaping as well as the additional critical chance your basic attack can deliver.


If you notice the different items that I have provided for Irithel, I concentrated more in enhancing her basic attacks since she rely solely on it. Being able to maximize each basic attack she deliver will greatly impact the outcome of the game, I chose to maximize her attack speed, critical chance/rate and movement speed because for me these are the most important skills she needs to enhance to become a deadly marksman. A marksman is the primary damage dealer in the game because of their high damage and long range abilities, providing them with the right equipment in enhancing their attack can lead your team to victory.



Inspire – The recommended spell for Irithel is inspire because this will greatly enhance her first 8 basic attacks as it will ignore the armor of the enemies. Also, this spell will increase her attack speed by 55% and will last for 5 seconds. The additional attack speed that she can gain from this spell will give her enough time to kill her enemies which will help you with team fights. When using inspire for her, always remember to cast her ultimate first before using this spell so that you will not waste any seconds of it.



The recommended emblem set for Irithel is the marksman or physical emblem depending on your preference. But for my recommendation, I suggest you using the marksman emblem set because this will give you bonus attack speed, critical chance, lifesteal, physical attack and physical penetration which are very essential when you are relying more on your basic attacks.


This emblem will give you +17 physical attack, 7.5% attack speed, 6 physical penetration, 5% lifesteal and 5% critical chance at maximum level. Together with the talent points, you can choose different options on which area would you like to make your hero stronger. For the first row, it will give you the option to choose either braver (increases physical attack), greed (increases your lifesteal) or fatal (which will increase your critical chance). For my recommendation, I suggest you choose Fatal because you need to make your critical chance higher so that each basic attack you deliver will give you a high probability in triggering the critical strike. The second row for the talent points is Doom (increases your critical damage), mastery (increased your cooldown reduction percentage) and swift (increases your attack speed). For the second set of talent points, I suggest you choose either the swift or the doom since you need attack speed and critical damage together but for me I will go for the attack speed since a faster rate of delivering your attack will give you a higher chance to deliver a critical strike that you need. For the last set of talent points, you are given the option to choose one unique passive ability that you can use in the game. This abilities are weapon master, hot pursuit and weakness finder.


Weapon Master

Physical damage gain from gear will increase by 8%.


Hot Pursuit

Gain 30% increased attack speed, last 5 seconds on kills or assists.


Weakness Finder

Basic attack has a 20% chance of reducing target’s movement speed by 90% and attack speed by 50%. This effect has a 2 seconds cooldown. (Not effective for melee heroes)


You can never go wrong when choosing any of this additional passive ability for Irithel since they deliver great skills to complement your abilities. Depending on the line up of the game, you can choose any of this skill to go with your game (if you have enough ticket to spare, I suggest you create different talent page for your marksman emblem especially when your main heroes are marksman so that you can easily choose which set of talents will be more beneficial for your game). In general I would recommend you choosing the weakness finder for Irithel because this passive ability will greatly benefit her when engaging in combat because you can immobilize your enemy by slowing their attack speed as well as their movement speed thus giving you a faster chance in killing your enemies.




Best teammates – The most suitable heroes for Irithel are the support heroes because they can help her catch your enemies in the game and at the same time, they can give her enough buff to make her more durable in team fight. Aside from support heroes, tank heroes are also a good combination for Irithel especially the tanks who has the stun abilities that will help you catch your enemy quicker.


 Diggie     Angela           Nana               Lolita               Tigreal         Minotaur           Hylos

Counters – Irithel can easily counters the different marksman heroes as well as different tank heroes as long as she can properly execute her skills and ability.


      Layla          Franco                   Miya

Countered by – Irithel can easily be killed by assassin or mage heroes since they can easily disable her for and kill her with their combos.


  Natalia            Fanny             Lancelot               Karina            Aurora             Valir



Irithel is probably the best damage dealer marksman in the game and can easily defeat your enemy when she reach her maximum level and if she is able to get all her needed items. Since she is one deadly marksman, you need to have a great map awareness because your enemy team will try to shut you down first in order to secure their victory. Aside from map awareness, you should be able to develop great skills in timing your different abilities and engaging in the right moment of battle so that you will not waste your heavy damage. Irithel the silent but deadly marksman of mobile legends. 

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