This day, you can see Lesley got pick a lot in ranked game. Lesley has been the most popular marksman in the game for more reasons than one. She has range, with her weapon she can fire away her bullets from a long distance. She doesn’t need mana at all, and thus  you can use your energy skills everytime it’s available for you as energy will recovers a lot faster than mana. She can also easily poke enemy with his passive. With these, you can decimate enemies in an assassination from afar. So now, I’ll share some item build that you can use to almost instantly kill your enemies.


Pros :

· Can deal a lot of damage

· Has long range

· High crit chance

· Use energy instead of mana

· Can kill squishy heroes very fast

Cons :

· Has no escape skill



1.Swift Boots

-The attack speed is very crucial for every marksman. Alternatively, you can also use magic shoes for an extra 10% cooldown reduction

2.Berserker Fury

-Lesley main selling point is her first skill that can increase her crit chance and damage. Take this so can deal massive damage on crit hit. The extra crit chance is also very crucial for marksmen

3.Endless Battle

-This item passive is very good for Lesley since you will always going to spam her first skill a lot.

4.Scarlet Phantom

-This item will increase your attack speed greatly which in turn will increase your damage output

5.Malefic Roar

-To deal damage on tank.Also, don’t forget about Lesley passive. All armor penetration that she will get will turn to critical crit chance.

6.Blade of Despair

-A must have item during late game if you really want to deal a lot of damage. Alternatively you can also take immortality for survival









p/s: I’ll only highlight on item that’s different

1.Swift Boots

- Self explanatory, the attack speed is very important

2.Demon Hunter Sword

- For extra attack speed and damage. This item passive is also very great to deal a lot of damage to squishy and even tank


-Extra attack speed and critical chance.The extra movement speed is also very important for Lesley since she will be prime target

As you can see, this build is very focused on attack speed. You don’t have to worry about the damage. During late game, Lesley can deal at least 600 damage without critical hit. But remember,when using this build you actually don’t have a lot of lifesteal so always stayed behind your teammate.




The only battle spell that I recommend is flicker since Lesley don’t have any escape skill. Alternatively, you can also use retribution but it very risky


I suggest you to use assassin emblem. Honestly,it  doesn’t even matter what skill tree you want to use but the most important thing is to pick armor penetration. With Lesley passive, the armor penetration will going to be converted into critical hit chance. If you have max level assassin emblem, you can at least have 20% critical hit chance right from the start



· Your first skill is everything. If you want to deal damage,spam this skill. If you’re been chased by the enemies, spam this skill.

· Lesley ultimate is not only about to secured a kill alone. If you noticed the enemy missing from the map and worry about gank press this skill. It will revealed enemy location near you.

· Use your second skill only if you want to jump through walls and if you want to knockback enemy. Don’t use your second skill to deal damage.The range from your second skill is very short.

· Always target the squishy, don’t waste your time targeting the tanks.

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