Buffs and Enhancements   




1st Passive : Sacrificial Spirit

Enemies damaged with Light of Retribution or Holy Baptism slows their movement speed for 4 seconds while allies healed with Holy Healing increases their movement speed for 1 second.


2nd Passive

When Rafaela dies, she becomes a spirit. In this state, she is able to heal and enhance her allies movement speed overtime before exploding, dealing true magical damage to enemies.


Spirit State



After the time limit



During in this state, make sure to stick close to your allies so you can still heal them even if you are already dead. Just get close to the enemies when the timer is about to end to inflict damage.



1st Skill : Light of Retribution

Rafaela calls down the power of the light to deal damage and slow down 3 closest enemies. Damage increases after hitting the same target. Stacks up to 5 times.



Deals minimum damage but can still inflict a lot when used into the same target. This skill is useful in chasing or ganking enemies as this can slow down their movement speed because of the passive. Rafaela can also reveal hidden enemies like enemies hiding in a bush or enemies that can go invisible.




2nd Skill : Holy Healing

Rafaela heals herself and her allies with the power of the light. The most injured ally receives more heal.



Healing allies also gains them extra movement speed for a short while. Easily maneuver through the map to gank or escape chasing enemies with the movement speed buff.



3rd Skill : Holy Baptism

Rafaela uses the power of the holy light to deal magical damage and stun enemies on a straight path.



When team fighting, manage to stun at least 2 or 3 enemies for your allies to easily deal damage to them. You can now easily hit targets with it since the casting time has been reduced.



Always use 1st skill first to deal damage and slow enemies over time. Use 2nd when an ally is slowed down to increase his/her movement speed or when you and your team needs to retreat immediately or when chasing enemies. Gank, hunt or team fight, wisely use 3rd skill since it can be also used to save allies or cancel out casting enemies and apply stun and damage.


RAFAELA “Wings of Holiness”

Skill Buffs and Enhancements

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