Kaja’s Skill Set

Kaja is a support and tank hero. He have a unique skills that uses his electric blade. In this article, I will be tackling about his skills that makes him a support and tank hero.




Eye of the Storm

Passive Skill




When attacked by enemy heroes, Kaja gains a 40% boost in movement speed that decays over 1 second. This can be triggered once every 5 seconds.




This icon will show up when passive skill is triggered. This can only be triggered with enemy heroes and not with minions or jungle monster.




Ring of Order

First Skill




Kaja releases a ringed electric blade that expands and contracts. Enemy that was hit with the electric ring will receive a 150 - 350 (+20% Total Magic Power) magical damage and 30% movement speed reduction.




When contraction is done, Kaja will unleash a bolt of lightning that deals 140 (+20% Total Magic Power) magical damage to the nearest enemies, for every 0.6 seconds. The damage gradually increases when lightning hits the same enemy.


This has 9.0 seconds cooldown in all skill level.




Gale Force

Second Skill




Kaja charges in a specified direction that deals 260-460 (+80% Total Magic Power) Magic Damage to enemies in his path. This is what makes Kaja a good initiator, he can dash towards enemies.




He can dash once towards the enemies.




When he dashes and encounters his allied heroes or minions, he gets another dash.




When he dashes and hits his allied heroes, the hero gets a shield for 8%-10% of Max HP and a 10%-20% movement speed. This is what makes him a support.




This skill can go through walls which is perfect for surprise attack or escaping.


This has 11.0 seconds cooldown and reduces by 0.5 seconds every skill upgrade. 8.5 seconds when fully upgraded.




Divine Judgement

Ultimate Skill




Kaja pulls and suppresses a single enemy hero for 2 seconds. This deals 360-720 (+120% Total Magic Power) magic damage.

This reduces 10 points of the enemy hero’s magic resistance and Kaja absorbs 2 points of the enemy hero’s lost magical resistance.


This skill has small range, you have to go super near the enemy for you to be able to pull the hero.


This has 60.0 seconds cooldown and reduces by 5.0 seconds when upgraded. 50.0 seconds when fully upgraded.




Main Use of Skill

1st Skill - Slowdown

2nd Skill -  Dash

3rd Skill - Pull




If enemy is far

Dash and Slowdown your enemy for you to be able to go near the enemy since ulti has small range. Pull the hero towards your allies.


If enemy is near

Pull enemy and Dash towards your allies. Immediately use Slowdown so that the enemy will have a hardtime to escape.




I hope this skill article made you excited to use and buy Kaja.

Happy Gaming!




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