Kaja - Nazar King

Kaja is the newly added hero in the game. He is a tank/support hero that specializes on burst damage, disabling and providing shields to allied units. In terms of agility, Kaja is one of the highest movement speed in the tank categories.

For this guide I will be discussing his different skills as well as the recommended gear set you can use to make him more durable and great hero to play in the game.


Burst damage






Passive - Eye of the Storm

Kaja gains 40% movement speed when attacked by enemy heroes. This movement speed boost decays over 1 second and can be triggered once every 5 seconds.


The additional 40% movement speed Kaja can gain can make him the best escape hero. As a tank, he can benefit with this passive by going in and out of the clash fight and annoying the enemy hero more. Also the 5 seconds cooldown makes it easier for you to harass the enemies.


First Skill - Ring of Order

Kaja releases a Ringed Electric Blade that quickly expands and contracts. Any enemy target will receive 150 (+20% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage and experience a temporary speed reduction of 30%. When the electric current hits the enemy target, Kaja will unleash a bolt of lightning that deals 140 (+20% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to the nearest enemy target, for every 0.6 seconds. Damage gradually increases when the bolt of lightning continuously hits the same target.

Cooldown:  9

Skill Consumption: 60/70/80/90/100/110

Damage per Second: 150/190/230/270/310/350


His first skill can damage all nearby enemies and can be used to charge the enemy when starting a clash. You can use this skill to harass your enemy in the game and gradually reducing their life points.

Kaja’s first skill is his primary damaging ability. When using your first skill, you should use it more strategic by conducting a proper placement in clash fight. Since you are the tank of your team. Always ensure that you can atleast hit every enemy team when charging. In this way you can further your damage dealers by inflicting additional burst damage to enemy team.

Second Skill - Gale Force

Kaja charges in a specified direction, dealing 260 (+80% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage to enemies in his path. If Kaja encounters a friendly unit while charging, he moves again in their movement direction and provides himself and friendly heroes with a shield for 8% of Max HP, while granting 10% additional movement speed.


Cooldown:  11/10.5/10/9.5/9/8.5

Skill Consumption: 65/70/75/80/85/90

Base Damage:  260/300/340/380/420/460

Shield Effect:  8%/8%/9%/9%/10%/10%


As mention earlier, Kaja has dual role in the game. You can act as the tank for your team and at the same time as a support. With your second skill, you can provide your teammates with bonus shields just like Lolita. You can further increase the durability of your teammates when engaging in team fights.


Aside from using this skill to provide shields to allies, you can also use this skill to charge enemy team when initiating a clash. After charging enemy team with your second skill, you can use first skill to inflict damage to their team, and because of your passive skill you can easily move fast outside the battlefield to prevent them from killing you. With this technique you can easily move inside and outside the clash fight and just keep on inflicting burst damage to your enemy and while doing this, you can also provide shields to teammates.


Ultimate – Divine Judgment

Kaja pulls and suppresses a target enemy hero, Deals 360 (120% Total Magic Power) points of Magic Damage for 2 seconds. During that time, the enemy hero’s magic resistance is reduced by 10, Kaja absorbs 2 points of the target enemy hero’s lost magical resistance.


Cooldown:  60/55/50

Skill Consumption: 150/200/250

Base Damage:  360/540/720

Armor Steal:  10/20/30

Magic Resistance Steal: 2


Together with your other skills, you can easily create a combo that can further help your teammates in clash fight. You can easily pull the target heroes outside their field and bring it nearer to your teammate for an easy kill.


You can use your second skill to charge your enemy team first. Afterwards, you can use your first skill to damage all surrounding enemy units and finally after charging the enemy, you can pull one of the wounded hero nearer to your teammates for an easy kill.

Because of your ultimate skill, you can easily pull enemy teams.


In order for you to maximize your skills, you should be able to provide the best gear set for Kaja to enhance your skills further in the game. Unlike other tank heroes, Kaja depends more on his skills to help his teammates. For you to be able to use your skills, you need a great amount of assistant on the gears you equip him.





For the gear set of Kaja, it is best to increase your durability in the game. As a tank and charger in the game, you should be able to provide enough support in your team by lasting longer in the battlefield. Building more tank items on Kaja is more suitable especially when you are the sole tank for your team. A fast moving tank is a great combination when trying to capture enemy teams.



Warrior Boots – For Kaja’s movement gear, I prefer getting the warrior boots. Aside from the additional 40 movement speed. This boots will provide additional 22 armor points with a unique passive ability that will give him another 5 points of defense for each basic attack he will received and can increase up to 25 points that will last for 3s. This boots will further help you become a durable tank hero. Since you will be in the front line of your team, you need all the extra armor you can get.


Blade Armor – This item will provide 90 armor and at the sametime gives a unique passive ability that will let your hero deal 25% of opponent’s physical attack as physical damage to an attacker when a basic attack is received.  Since you will be a charger for your team, Increasing your armor further can greatly help you become more durable in the game and at the sametime be able to enter and exit the battlefield with minimum damage taken.


Athena’s Shield – Provides 900 HP, 56 magic resistance and 20 HP regeneration. It also grants you an absorbing shield (1150 at maximum level) every 30 seconds. Together with your second ability, you can further increase your shield. And since your shield will regenerate for a certain amount of time, it will be easier for you to act as the best tank in your team.


Demon’s Advent – This item will provide 950 HP, 54 armor and 30 HP regen. Whenever an enemy hero attacks, this ability will reduce his/her attack power by 6%. This effect lasts 2 seconds and can stack up to 3 times. With this item, you are able to Kaja a more durable tank hero for your team because you are able to reduce the attack power of your enemies. In this way you can always be in front of your team when initiating battles and takes less damage increasing your survivability in the game.

Dominance Ice – This item will grant a unique passive ability that will lowers the movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 30% for nearby enemy heroes. Aside from this unique passive, it also provides 15% cooldown reduction on your skills together with additional 500 mana points, 70 armor points and additional 5% critical strike rate reduction. This item will greatly benefit Kaja in reducing the movement speed, attack speed and critical strike rate of your enemies. The additional 15% cooldown reduction is also a great added bonus for you since you need to spam your skills all the time in order to deliver a strong push for your team.


Immortality – This item will greatly increase your durability, as a support and tank for your team, you are in charge in crowd controlling and absorbing damage of your enemy to protect your allies. With this gear, it will give you additional 800 HP with 40 magic resistance. Apart from that, this item will resurrect you after 2 seconds upon death and grants you 15% HP with 300-1000 HP shield.

Since Kaja is a very fast tank hero, you can easily flee the battlefield when the effect of this immortality has been triggered.


If you notice the different gear set I equipped Kaja, they are all concentrated with increasing your armor for survivability, just like other tank heroes you need to withstand high amount of incoming damage so that you can easily protect your teammates in battle.




Flicker – The recommended battle spell for Kaja is Flicker since you will use this to combo with your ultimate skills. When using flicker with your ultimate, you can easily pull enemy heroes on a greater distance that can make it easier for your team to kill. Another reason for choosing flicker is you can use this as your escape ability from your enemies or catching the enemies when they are running away from you.




Since Kaja is a tank hero, I highly recommend using the tank emblem.   This emblem will provide you with the right tools in making Kaja a stronger and powerful tank for your team. You can further boost your stats and gaining additional passive skill from the talent points provided in this emblem.




Figure 11. Tank Emblem Set


This emblem provides you with the following upgrade for your skills: +10 Armor, +10 Magic resistance, +345 Health points, +2% CD Reduction and +18 HP regeneration at maximum level. Aside from this, you are also given the option of selecting the best suited talent points for your hero. For Kaja, I advise you to maximize his armor more to make him harder to kill by your enemy and when you are in team fight, you can last longer in the game and provide enough time to help your team.

 The first row of talent points are:


Vitality – Provides additional 200 HP points at maximum level



Firmness – Provides additional 12 armor at maximum level



Shield – Provides additional 12 magic resistance at maximum level


For the first set of talent points. I highly recommend you choosing the firmness talent since you will provide Kaja additional armor which will make him more durable especially in the early game.


The second row of talent points are:


Inspire – Provides additional 8% CD reduction at maximum level



Fortress – Provides additional 8% increase armor at maximum level



Purify – Provides additional 8% increase magic resistance at maximum level


For the second set of talent points. I recommend you choosing the fortress talent since you can increase your armor further by 8% and gaining additional armor from item will further increase this by 8% and thus making your hero harder to kill.

For the last row, the talent point section will provide you different set of additional abilities for your hero. This abilities will give you extra passive skill that will further help you benefit in the game.


Tenacity – This talent will give you a passive ability that whenever your health is below 40%, you will gaiin an increased 35 points of physical and magical defense.


Brave Smite – By crowd controlling your enemy you will gain 5% maximum HP and will have a 10 seconds cooldown.



Attack and Defense – Converts 0.40% of max HP to physical and magic attack


For the additional passive skills that the tank emblem can provide. You cannot go wrong in picking any of this abilities since they provide great passive skill for Kaja. Depending on how you want to play him. Either by becoming an offensive tank or more defensive tank. Choosing any of this skill will greatly benefit you.  For my personal choice, I would recommend choosing the Brave Smite talent because you can always use your crowd controlling ability to regenerate HP further and makes you last longer in the game.






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