Passive: Symbiosis


Selena uses the power bestowed upon her by the Moon God and the Abyss to switch freely between her two forms.


Note: This is similar to Roger’s Ultimate skill. It is important to know when to be in your Elven form and when to transform.


Elven Form

Passive: Symbiosis

When using her skills in her Elven form, Selena attaches one Abyssal Mark to her enemies (when Abyssal Trap hits an enemy, it immediately adds an Abyssal Mark). Up to 2 Abyssal Marks can be added to an enemy.


Note: marked enemies will receive extra damage when attack in Selena’s Abyssal form.


First Skill: Abyssal Trap


Selena summons an Abyssal Devil to lurk in a designated location. The Abyssal Devil smothers a nearby enemy with its body. Within 1 second, the enemy’s movement speed is reduced by 70%. After some time, this skill deals 950(+150% Total Magic Power) magic damage to the target and other nearby enemies, slows enemies for 1 seconds by 70%. Selena can summon up to 3 Abyssal Devils. Damage will decay when a target takes damage from multiple devils at the same time.


Note: These Abyssal Devils will never disappear until an enemy steps on them or when Selena plants a fourth Abyssal Devil. One of the Devils will disappear when Selena plants a 4th one. Remember that Selena can only summon a maximum of three Abyssal Devils.


Second Skill: Abyssal Arrow


Selena channels the power of the Abyss into magic arrows, firing them in a specified direction. Enemies hit are stunned for at least 0.5 seconds and take 250(+80% Total Magic Power) magic damage. Stun duration and damage increase the further the arrows fly, for up to 4.5 seconds and 500(+40% Total Magic Power) magic damage, respectively. The arrow absorbs Abyssal Traps as it travels to the target enemy, effects of the traps will be inflicted to target enemy upon hit.


Note: You can distance yourself first before throwing the arrow so that the enemy hit will be stunned longer.


Ultimate Skill: Primal Darkness


Selena melds with the Abyss, entering Abyssal Form and gaining 30% movement speed for a short time. She also gains access to new skills and her basic attacks deal additional magic damage.


Abyssal Form

Passive: Symbiosis

Skills used in Abyssal form will consume one of these marks to deal 290-500(+40% Total Magic Power) bonus magic damage.


Note: Make sure that you hit an enemy with your Elven skills to trigger the additional damage.


First Skill: Soul Eater


Selena uses the power of the Abyss to strengthen both claws, causing the next basic attack to deal an additional 300(+110% Total Magic Power) magic damage, while granting a shield that absorbs 300(+100% Total Magic Power) damage.


Second Skill: Garotte


Selena charges in the specified direction, dealing 750(+50% Total Magic Power) magic damage to enemies along the way. If this damage triggers the Abyssal Mark effect, its cooldown will reset immediately.


Note: This is similar to Lancelot’s 1st skill. Make sure that the enemy you charge at has an Abyssal Mark to successfully reset this skill’s cooldown.


Ultimate Skill: Blessing of the Moon God


Selena calls upon the power of the Moon God to rid her body of the Abyss, increasing movement speed by 30% for a short time and restoring Elven skills.



A. Ultimate Skill Combo

1. Let an enemy land on an Abyssal Devil (Elven Form 1st skill) that Selena summoned. With this, enemy will be slowed down for a short time.

2. Hit the slowed enemy with the Abyssal Arrow (Elven Form 2nd skill). The further the enemy, the longer the stun effect.

3. Immediately transform into your Abyssal Form (Elven Form Ultimate skill).

4. Charge at enemy with Garotte (Abyssal Form 2nd skill).

5. Activate Soul Eater (Abyssal Form 1st skill) and attack enemy.

6. If enemy was able to get away, you can transform back to your Elven Form (Abyssal Form Ultimate skill) and hit the enemy with the Abyssal Arrow (Elven Form 2nd skill) to stun him again.

7. Summon an Abyssal Devil on the enemy’s position to slow him when he goes back to normal.

8. If possible, transform into your Abyssal Form and attack the enemy to finally kill him.


B. Easy Movement Combo

This is not actually an attack combo. It mainly focuses on faster locomotion since Selena is an assassin, and assassins usually gank for kills. This combo is like cheating on her skills’ cooldown.


1. Note that Selena’s Ultimate skill has a 3 second cooldown. ;)

2. If you are in Elven form and transform into Abyssal Form, Selena’s movement speed will increase. Point your navigation joystick to desired direction.

3. Use 2nd skill towards the desired direction.

4. Transform into you Elven form. Continue walking until you Ultimate skill is available.

5. Transform into your Abyssal Form.

6. Repeat. ;)


What makes this effective is the fact that whenever you transform between your two forms, Selena’s skills will be reset immediately.



Maximize 1st Skill

Maximize 2nd Skill

Maximize Ultimate Skill.


Since Selena’s Ultimate does not contribute much on her attack abilities, you can maximize her first 2 skills first.


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