I. Role: Marksman

Marksman is the weakest role during early game, but it will slowly unleash its true potential as the game goes on. This role is heavily relied on item to be useful and impactful in team fight. The combination of attack speed, critical chance and damage items will significantly boost marksman damage for late game team fight.

However, it is important to note that Marksman is the squishiest role in the game. Enemies can one shot you anytime; thus it is important for marksman to position themselves properly during the fight and let your team engage the fight first. Go into fight from safe distance and ensure that enemies have spent their crucial skills.

Also, do not forget to farm your item as fast as possible, marksman contribution is heavily relied on item progress. However, try to help your team as well (don’t blindly farm and ignore your team when they need your help)

II.  Hero: Yi Sun Shin

Yi Sun Shin is a marksman hero with unique passive and ultimate skills. His consistent damage and considerably high mobility make him strive among other marksman heroes in Mobile Legend

III. Skills


Passive skill: [Heavenly Vow]
Yi chooses his longbow or glaive to attack according to the distance between him and the target. Using skills or the glaive to attack will deal more damage and slowing them down. A naval fleet will be summoned to the allied base and strengthen it. The hero can board the turtle ship beside the base periodically and get buffs.


● Glaive attack has more damage compared to his attack; however, as a fragile marksman, Yi Sun Shin safest attack method is by using his longbow. I do not recommend you to get closer to enemy heroes if it is not necessary, it may cost your life.

● In contrast, using glaive attack for farming minion n jungle creeps are recommended as it can significantly improve your farming rate (YSS can kill monster much faster with his glaive attack)

● Do not forget to collect his turtle ship periodically, its movement speed buff and crowd control can help your teammates securing kills or neutral objective.


1st skill: [One- Wave Sweep]

Wields the glaive and slashes forwards while jumping backwards, dealing 160 pts of physical damage to enemies along the way and lowering their movement speed by 40% lasting 2 secs. When Yi is on the Turtle Ship, the ship will dash towards the target, dealing 200 pts of physical damage to the first enemy it collides with and other nearby enemies and stunning them for 1.5s.


● Decent mobility skill, it can be used for either pursuing enemies or escaping from potential danger.

● It also can be used for kiting as it slow opponents’ movement speed


2nd skill: [Blood Floods]

Shoots a piercing arrow with full strength, dealing 160 pts of physical damage to enemies as well as slowing. The arrow’s attack range and damage scales with charge time. When charging, movement speed will be reduced slightly


● This skill is YSS main damage during early laning phase and mid game.

● Its huge range and low cooldown make it a formidable poking skills.

● YSS literally can spam this skill from safe distance.

● If possible, please fully charge this skill before releasing it for maximum damage; however, in some cases, instant cast is also necessary for slowing enemies down or for finishing low HP enemy heroes.



Ultimate skill: [Mountain Shocker]

Orders the naval fleet to launch three-wave attacks of fire arrows. Each wave of attack will deal 165 pts of physical damage and will also slow the enemy.


● YSS unique skill, which target all enemy heroes around the map.

● Very useful during team fight or helping allies in other part of the map.

● Require outstanding map awareness in order to fully utilise its potential.

● Please coordinate and communicate with your teammates whenever you want to use this skill, if use correctly this can be one of the best game changing skill in mobile legend as it provides global pressure to all lanes and enemies.

IV. Item Build


Legion Sword> Swift Boots> Endless Battle> Scarlet Phantom> Berserker Fury> Demon Hunter Sword> Malefic Roar.

● Legion Sword (Berserker Fury component)

For early game damage, later will be upgraded into Berserker Fury

● Wizard Boots:

MORE ASSIST MORE GOLD, it is really suitable for global hero like YSS.

● Scarlet Phantom:

More Physical Attack, attack speed and critical chance.

● Berserker Fury:

Most common item for marksman. Its critical chance, critical damage, and passive makes marksman really strong for late game fight.

● Malefic Roar

For late game armor penetration

● Windtalker:

Compliment well with berserker fury. It increases critical chances and attack speed.

 V. Emblem- Marksman


VI. Battle Spell:



Flicker is always a decent choice for any heroes in mobile legend. The mobility it offers is invaluable. Flicker can be used to escape any unfavourable situation. As a marksman, your safety is your first priority.  

VII. Skill and Gameplay tips

Early Games

● Your main focus is to farm as much gold as possible as YSS heavily relies on his item progress.

● Death is a big no no for a marksman; it will significantly hinder your item development.

● During laning phase try to spam your 2nd skill for farming and poking enemies’ heroes.

● Utilize 1st skill efficiently to evade enemy’s skills shot or any threats.

Mid Games, Late Games

● By this point, YSS should have his ultimate skill, please be aware of your teammates situation. Using his ultimate at the right time is really important. Your ultimate can finish off low HP enemies or assist your teammates.

● Help your team securing turtle and push the lanes.

● Do not overextend, isolated YSS can be easily killed

● Be patient during team fight, let your tank/ off tank engage first.

● Attack enemies from safe range, unless it is really necessary to close the gap.

● Look for opportunities to secure Lord (for instance, it is relatively safe to go for LORD when 2 or more enemies died)



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