RUBY-The most annoying crowd control Semi-Tank ever.

Role: Fighter

Speciality: Crowd Control/Initiator

Base Attributes:
Movement Speed: 2.65
Physical attack: 114
Magic Power: 0
Armor: 23
Magic Resistance: 10
HP: 2709
Mana: 430
Attack speed: 8.6
Hp Regen: 30
Mana Regen: 14
Basic Attack Crit Rate: 0
Ability Crit Rate: 0

Passive: Let's Dance!
 Description: After any skill is casted, Ruby can roll to another places, increasing physical and magical defence for a short period of time which increase with level and stacks up to 3 times. Ruby's basic attacks cannot trigger lifesteal effect but her skills will get 125% of lifesteal effect from equipments. Ruby has a 5% physical lifesteal effect.
Tip: This skill is important to understand. When your basic attack will not trigger lifesteal but any Items with Lifesteal Effects will be boosted by 125% when using any of your skill.

1st Skill: Be Good! Cooldown: 6s | Mana Cost: 40
 Description: Slashes quickly, dealing 75(+75% Total Physical ATK) points of physical damage. At the same time, she casts a shockwave forward, dealing 75(75% Total Physical Damage) points of Physical Damage to enemies hit and reducing their movement speed for 2 Seconds.
Tip: This skill is important to ruby because this allows her to initiate a teamfight or enemy quickly. The damage is pretty low but this skill triggers her passive which can add slow-effect + lifesteal whenever she use this skill.

2nd Skill: Don't run, Wolf King! Cooldown: 7s | Mana Cost: 50
 Description: Wields the giant scythe to attack twice. Every attack deals 50(+65% Total Physical ATK)  points of physical damage, stunning the enemy for 0.5s and slowly pulling the enemy towards her. Deals additional 30% of damage to enemies in the outer ring.
Tips: THIS SKILL WILL MAKE YOUR ENEMIES HATE YOU. Seriously! Ruby spins and pulls the enemy towards her which stuns the enemy. Great disable for teamfights and also makes a good combo with her first skill and ultimate.

ULTIMATE: I'm offended Cooldown: 26s Mana Cost: 80
 Description: Uses the scythe to attack horizontally in a wide range, dealing 205(+180% Total Physical ATK) points of physical damage to enemies it hit, pulling them to the hero's position and stunning them for 0.5s
Tips: Probably the best skill in game. You can pull enemies towards you + stunning them. Very useful when trying to pull enemies from turrets or trying to run away from you. It is more greater if you can get this done with Flicker Spell which will allow you to pull enemies to a longer distance.
Combos: Hook-Flick
1. 3rd Skill

2. Flick


3.  Enemy is hooked inside the turret. If necessary, continue with 1st and 2nd skill.

Best Built: Items in Purchase Order
1. Haas’s Claw: Cost 1810

+70 Physical Attack.
        Unique: +20% Lifesteal

Unique Passive-Insanity: When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% Physical lifesteal.                      
       Note: This item will boost your passive and give you an insane amount of lifesteal with skill on enemies or minions.
2. Demon Shoes: Cost 720

+30 Mana Regen.

Unique: +40 Movement Speed.

Passive-Mysticism: Elimination of Enemy Heroes and assists regenerates hero’s mana by 10% and minions by 4%.

Note: Ruby has a poor Mana Pool. Once you complete your first and second items, you barely have to recall to your base.
3. Wings of Apocalypse Queen: 

+15 Physical ATK.

+1000 HP

+10% CD Reduction.
                Unique Passive-Demonize: Reduces Damage taken by 50% when HP drops to 40% and Increases your Lifesteal by 30%. Lasts 5s. CD: 50s

4. Twilight Armor:

+1200 HP.

+400 Mana

+50 HP Regen.
Unique Passive-Defiance: After the hero tales over 900 points of physical damage, they will take 900 points of physical damage at most for upto 5s. CD: 5s
5. Athena’s Shield:

+900 HP

+56 Magic RES.
         +20 HP Regen
        Unique Passive-Shield: Get a damage absorbing shield every 30 Seconds, Shield amount grows upto 1150 as the match goes on.
6. Immortality:

+1800 HP

+40 Magic RES
       Unique Passive-Immortal: Resurrect after 2 Seconds of Death and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage. Shield lasts 3 Seconds.
Cooldown: 2 Minutes
Note: Ruby is likely to be impossible to kill at late game due to her Passive Lifesteal ability. One wave of Minions will be enough to fill up 40% of her HP prior to all these items. And with extra HP Regen from the above items, she is already Immortal even without Immortality.

Fighter Emblem: If you want to boost your Slow Down effect or Reduce the CC Duration by your Enemies and be a part of Damage dealing Role. Fighter Emblem is the best for Ruby. 

(As Ruby is one of the most durable hero in MLBB heroes and even more durable and effective than some tanks because of her insane lifesteal, i did not personally recommended a Tank Emblem but if your tank emblem is much far better than your fighter emblem, you can use it with Talent: Brave Smite)

Battle Spell:
Flicker: Flicker, somehow is the best spell to escape for most of the other heroes but the use is different for Ruby.

Flicker, if mastered with your ultimate, is the most annoying Spell Combo if used right. Ruby can Pull/Hook even all the enemy together in one Pull with her Ultimate and with flicker combo, you can pull your enemies in the heart of your turret. Stunning them with your second skill and Slowing them down right before they escape with your first skill.

MGL -ikim_snare

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