Natalia attacks made from behind deal an extra 15% damage. If she is in the bush for 2 seconds without taking or dealing damage, Natalia enters Stealth state. Leaving the bush for 5 seconds or dealing damage will make her appear. Under Stealth state, her movement speed in increased by 20% and her next basic attack deal an extra 35% damage, and silences the target for 2 seconds.



· Natalia is the type of hero who can roam around the map without getting spotted.

· Use her Stealth mode on moving around, stealing jungle camps or ganking an enemy.

· Attacking from behind deals more damage, use this as advantage on assassinating an enemy.


-1st SKILL-



Natalia dashes forward, dealing 250/280/310/340/370/400 points of Physical Damage to enemies along the way. This skill can be cast again within a short period of time after hitting an enemy.



· This skill can be used twice when it hits an enemy. Make use of it in killing an enemy or clearing minions.

· This skill can be used on escaping from ganks and closing the gap from an enemy.

· This skill can be use through terrains like walls.


-2nd SKILL-



Natalia cast a smoke bomb on the spot, reducing enemies’ movement speed by 65%, while increasing her attack speed by 30%/35%/40%/45%/50%/55% and becoming able to dodge all basic attacks in the smoke.



· Use this skill in assassinating an enemy; it will slow enemies inside the area.

· This skill allows her to be immune on all basic attack she will receive. Use this well to prevent taking damage from enemy’s basic attacks.





Natalia makes multiple attacks in a row, each dealing 75/100/125 points of Physical Damage and reducing enemies’ movement speeds by 65%.



· Use this skill to deal damage to all enemy it hit and slows them.

· This skill can hit enemy from a distance, it will help you to deal damage to an enemy that you can’t reach by your basic attacks.



Natalia has no combo. She relies on her basic attacks to kill an enemy. But to kill an enemy effectively, entering Stealth mode first is the best option. It will increase her movement speed and makes her unseen. Hitting the enemy while unseen will silences the target, preventing them on using skills. Then using Smoke Bomb will add a slow effect on the target and increases her attack speed. Her Claw Dash can be use to deal more damage or to catch the enemy when it tries to escape. Her Ultimate Skill can be used to finish the enemy.



· Max her Claw Dash first to increase it damage output.

· Add points on her Ultimate Skill every time its available.

· Add the remaining points on her Smoke Bomb.


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