1. High damage.

2. Can absorb damage.

3. Has stun ability.

4. Can see hidden enemies.

5. Has knock back ability.

6. Ultimate can chase enemy.




Aldous passive gets activated in THIRD BASIC ATTACK i.e on every third basic attack Aldous will get a shield that will last for 3 seconds. Higher the amount of damage higher will be the shield. This passive has a cool down of 3 seconds that means you will get only one shield in 3 second.


This is the shield that Aldous will get on third basic attack.





Using this skill will give additional damage to Aldous next basic attack. When you press this skill then Fire will light in Aldous hands this will indicate that his first skill is active. In addition to this if enemy hero gets eliminated for this skill then the damage of this skill will increased by 25/30 points. If you eliminate minions or monsters then also the damage of this skill will increase.


1. As you know his passive gives shield after 2 basic attacks so I recommend to first use 2 basic attacks then activate his first skill and use basic attack. This will give Aldous huge amount of shield.


When you press first skill icon Aldous will have fire in his hand that means her first skill is active.


Here the damage from first skill is 718. I eliminate this monster now..


Look at the damage. Now it’s 737. Damage increased by 19.





This skill gives Aldous a defensive shield which make Aldous Immune to all basic attacks (Just like Karina first skill) in addition to this it also reduce the damage taken from other form by 50%. After 1 second you can press this skill again to make this shield explode and deals Physical damage. When Aldous is in defensive state then this skill will cause a stun effect of 1 second.


1. This skill will help you to escape from tower damage and also you can tower dive using this skill.

2. Use this skill when you are getting attacked by Basic attack damage dealers like Marksman, Fighters as this skill makes Aldous Immune to all basic attacks.














1. You can easily find Natalia using this skill.

2. You can find all the enemies hidden in bushes using this skill.

3. Make sure you check target before locking him, if the target recall to base then you will also chase him to base and you might die.

4. Don’t chase the target if the target is with his teammates.

5. You can also tell your teammates about the position of enemies when you use this skill.


In the first pic as you can see there is no Gatotkaka in the map and in second pic when I use ultimate Gatotkaka is visible in map.


Here in the first picture you will get option to lock enemies to to whom we want to target.


1. Level up his 1st Skill

2. Then 2nd Skill

3. Ultimate when available.


1. Flicker


First spell I recommend is flicker.


2. Petrify


Use Petrify to makes target stop at his place and use Second Skill to throw target.





· +22 Armor 

· +40 Movement SPD

· Physical defense will go up 5 with each basic attack received, for an increase of up to 25 points, lasting 3s. (PASSIVE)

These boots give Armor and movement speed plus its passive give Physical defense when Aldous receive basic attack damage.





      2.   HAAS’S CLAWS


· Provide +70 physical attack

· 20% Life steal

· When HP drops below 40%, the hero will receive an extra 10% physical life steal.

This item gives attack power and good amount of life steal. Life teal is good for Aldous in early game.

After buying shoes I recommend this item as it is cheap to buy and provide good attributes to your hero.




         3.  ENDLESS BLADE


· +65 Physical attack

· +25 magical power

· +250 HP

· +300 Mana

· 15% life steal

· 5% movement speed

· After using ability, the next basic attack will deal additional 70% of physical attack as true damage. This effect has a cool down of 1.5s. (UNIQUE PASSIVE DIVINE JUSTICE)

· When Divine Justice's effect is triggered, it will increase the hero's movement speed 15%. (UNIQUE PASSIVE CHASE FATE)


This item will give life steal, physical attack and it’s passive. When Divine Justice is activated your next basic attack will deals 70% of physical damage as true damage. Cool down of this skill is 1.5 sec.

Also when Devine justice is activated it will increase Hero speed by 15%.





· +15 physical attack

· +1000 HP

· +10% Cool down reduction

· Reduce damage taken by 50% when health is less than 40% and increase your life steal by 30%. Last 5 second. This effect has 60 second cool down.

This Items give Physical attack plus huge amount of HP. Its passive reduce the damage taken by 50% when Aldous health is below 40% and also increase life steal by 30%.





· +75 Physical attack

· +300 HP

· Skills will lower the target's physical defense by 25 points (applied before damage), lasts for 3 seconds.(PASSIVE)

This item provide good amount of physical attack and HP also. Its passive decrease the target hero physical defense.




· +850 HP

· +36 Magic Resistances

· +10% cool down reduction

· Raises shield absorption and HP regeneration by 25%.(PASSIVE)

This gives huge amount of HP and also gives Magic resistance to counter magic damage. Its passive increase Shield absorption by 25% as her passive and 2nd skill gives shield therefore its important item for Aldous.










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