A boy who protected his friend. Now he becomes the protector of the wise…


Great escape skill

Weak in the earlier game

Quick recovery of skills

Good in teamwork

Great power in the late game



Bruno is a hero with very Little durability but with a lot of damage, he is an easy to use character and his skills will like you.



Passive: Mecha legs





First skill: Volley shot





Keep in mind that the first skill, when hitting the walls, the ball will bounce. You can take advantage of this, taking advantage of its rebound effects or you may be in trouble when performing a failed attack.


Another characteristic of this ability is that you or your allies who touch the ball can make this skill recover immediately.


If you hit an enemy at the right angle, the rebound effect will also help you recover the ball

Second skill: Flying tackle



You can stun enemy minions and heroes with this second ability, it also generates additional speed to move faster.


If you are in trouble, you can also use this second bility to achieve a good escape.

Third skill: World Wave






This last skill will serve you when your enemies are close, causing great problems, it is not very effective if it is only used in a single enemy hero.


Nothing better than using this last skill in moments like these, will attack each of the enemy heroes and minions that are around you.




In the jungle Bruno is very good at killing monster, if you want to kill the turtle you alone, there is no problem, Bruno


Like the turtle, you can kill the Lord without any problem. Make sure you bougth the demon hunt sword to recovery your healt points while attacking the Lord.

Skill path

Max 1st skill

Max 2nd skill

Level up ultimate when available.



Attack combo


If you use the first skill followed by the second one, going to the ball you can recover the activation time of these.



Gear Guide

Damage/ durability.


What you must buy first is the sword of demon hunter since it will allow Bruno to restore a certain number of health points, afterward you can increase 40% speed with light boots, this is good to be able to attack or obtain greater advantage at the moment of escape. If you want to destroy turrets, evil roar you must buy to make it faster.



Fury of Berserker  as the first purchase option, increases critical damage as well as scarlet ghost, ideal for pressing enemies, in addition to this the immortality shield is ideal for the late game.  




Batlle spells








Healing spell

Emblems and talents.


The emblems improve characteristics in the characteres, such as attack speed, physical penetration, health absortion, or critical hit probability, are essential to improve your hero also effects the level in which these emblems are enclosed, improves the best suits your game mode.


Physical emblem.


             Vitality.                  Bravery.                     Swift.                Life Drain.

The physical emblem and the talents will improve Bruno in the physical attack as in the speed of attack, in addition to granting maximun health every time he kills minions.       







Marksman emblem


                                   Greed.                   Doom.           Weapon master.

The set of marksman emblems and talents will grant health absortion, critical and physical damage making Bruno more lethal.

Heroes relasionship ghraps


Best teammate











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