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A clumsy panda from a far away Eastern villages dreams every night of becoming a mighty warrior. Akai is fat and clumsy even for panda standards and most people say that all he\'s good for is rolling round. ########However, this never fazed Akai, as he trained daily, hoping to one day achieve his dreams of becoming a respected warrior. His friends mocked him, his parents discouraged him but Akai persisted. Soon one day, a mysterious old monk took notice of Akai\'s persistance and took him under his guidance. Akai flourished under the training of the monk, mastering the arts of the flail. ########He is now ready to enter the world stage and prove that he is a worthy member of the martial world!

  • Counters

    Saber Akai can ULT from behind and push the enemies toward Saber, while Saber can ULT the priority target and finish the job.
    Karina Akai's ULT will knockback a Karina, preventing them from landing a proper attack or proper engage.
    Grock Due to their knockup abilities from ULT. However, these have to be perfectly timed so that Akai's ULT is cancelled.
  • Skill Order

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