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The Moniyan Empire of the Land of Dawn once enjoyed the blessings of angels. The Angel of Light, Rafaela, shone down on the people and healed all of their illnesses; the Angel of Dark, Argus, became the punisher of crime. Together they maintained peace and balance throughout the land.########Rafaela and Argus were originally angelic partners who operated with a tacit understanding. Though Argus was in charge of punishment and possessed an extreme personality, he still established the Temple of Light to show the people of the realm that was more to the world than war and conflict; that kindness, comfort and encouragement should also fill their lives. As such he did not always resort to punishment and death while managing the affairs of the empire. As time passed, those who Argus had to punish increased in both evilness and strength. In order to face these opponents, it was necessary for him to become increasingly stronger himself. But even Argus was late to realize that he had become addicted to the rush of defeating strong enemies in battle. He had once acted purely to punish those who sinned, but now sought only his own strength and glory. It was in this way that Argus fell from grace.########Argus’ situation had long been watched by the Lord of the Abyss, who intentionally caused crimes that pushed Argus further into his corruption. He promised Argus to use dark powers to increase, and in order to win himself such a strong servant even baited Argus with knowledge of an ancient seal of power. Completely driven by his lust for power, Argus broke the ancient seal and released from within it the evil sword Demise. Argus fell completely under the Abyss Lord’s control, acting as his most loyal servant.########Legend states that the user of the sword Demise will be drained of all lifeforce until taken by death. Consumed by his desire for power, Argus sacrificed his life to the blade and coexists with it in dark equilibrium. He hungers for battle and chaos, thirsts for wo

  • Counters

    Aurora -Ranged and can keepyou from being harassed.
    -Can Harass back.
    -Has decentmagic damage.
    -You both haveslow-inducing and stun-inflicting skills, so when skills are used properly, youboth can easily kill enemies or protect yourselves.
    Odette Argus can easily catch Odette with his skills.
    -Argus is able to cancel Odette’s Ultimate withhis 1st skill, since it has a stun.
    -Argus’ ultimate can let Argus dive into Odette’sultimate without dying and can kill Odette at the same time.
    Akai Akai’s ultimatecan disable Argus during the whole duration of Argus’ ultimate.
    -Akai’s ultimatecan stop Argus from being able to get near or attack.
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