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In the Land of Dawn, from the Enchanted Forest to the Crack of the Abyss, the Blood Demons used their noble bloodline and extreme intelligence to enslave the Orcs, symbols of barbaric strength. The Blood Demons see the Orcs only as their servants. In addition to searching for their own food, the enslaved Orcs are also tasked with hunting for a very special food for their masters: Moon Elves.########The Orcs suffered greatly during their 30 years of enslavement, and their great ancestor, the Crazed Savage, hoped for an early end to their period of slavery. The Orcs had organized rebellions against the Blood Demon rule in the past, but each time they were met with death and destruction. It was during one of the larger of these rebellions that the rebel leader’s wife lost her life giving birth to Balmond. Balmond was raised by his father and their clan of Orcs. The unusual circumstances of his childhood led him to grow up with a violent temper and a love of battle. He achieved victories in all of his battles against the Moon Elves and Humans, and many became hopeful that he would continue in his father’s legacy and command the Orc army.########Growing fiercer with each battle, Balmond became the strongest warrior in the Orc tribe. Years later, after his father had grown old and was near death, he told Balmond of his mother’s tragic death. This caused Balmond to be even more determined to free his people from enslavement at the hands of the Blood Demons. Balmond led his Orc tribe in a night assault against the Blood Demon’s main camp. He hoped to defeat the Blood Demon leader, Alice, and thereby break the contract of enslavement between them. The Blood Demons, however, proved to be much stronger than Balmond anticipated. In a moment of desperation, Balmond decided to bite one of the Blood Demons to suck their blood and acquire their special strength. The few Orcs remaining followed suit and grew stronger as the strength of the Blood Demons joined with their own. Now in

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    Nana Can hold enemy RUN away
    Gord Use Balmond S1 can easy drop all Gord Skills
    Chou S1 and Ulti can stop Balmond S2
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