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Chou was born in a secluded slum deep in the hearts of poverty, living the lowest quality of life. Despite the dreadful conditions Chou still kept his heart of kindness, as day in day out he continued to look after the old and the young there with passion. At that time, there was great turmoil and unrest in the Land of the Dawn; mayhem spread throughout the land and eventually started to affect this small remote area. ########One day, Chou rescued a mystic monk under pursuit by his captors, and took him back to his slum to care for him. In return, the monk imparted the ancient Asian Kung-Fu skill to Chou, and told him that the world needed a real hero to stand up and end the turmoils. Chou made a vow right there and then, and without looking back he would start out on his journey in the Land to become a true hero. As Chou was leaving, the monk nodded and disappeared into the shadows.

  • Counters

    Aurora Pasif dan efek Slow Aurora memudahkan Chou untuk menjangkau lawan atau membantu memberikan CC berkelanjutan setelah Chou menendang lawan ke arah teman satu tim.
    Gord Gord sangat kurang akan mobilitas dan tidak dapat bergerak pada saat mengeluarkan Ultimate. Chou dapat dengan bebas meng-Cancel Ultimate Gord.
    Nana Skill Nana dapat dengan mudah menghentikan pergerakan Chou, sekaligus mencegah Chou untuk mendekati Anda atau teman satu tim Anda.
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