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If you often go to the tavern, then you surely have often heard of Claude. His story is one of the favorite topics of tipsy travelers—One of the most famous legends in the Land of Dawn. 

########Rumor has it, that this teenage human has a special talent for thievery. To Claude, thievery is an art from rather than a crime. In fact, Claude would often a send his victims a notice to let them know when he would commit the crime. Much to everyone’s bewilderment, Claude always succeeds in acquiring his targeted object, regardless of how strong or prepared are their rightful owners. 

########Whether if the target is a king’s heavily-guarded treasury, a magic library protected by powerful spells, or an dark fortress filled with the undead—Nothing can stop Claude from taking what he wants. 

########It is said that this young “Thief King” has a mysterious partner in crime. Some say his partner is a beautiful maiden, other’s say it’s his twin brother. However, most people believe in the version of the story where Claude’s partner is a wizard who practices black magic—This version quickly gained support after one of Claude’s victims recalled hearing an odd laughter. 

########In recent times, Claude is said to be eyeing the latest research of the famed machine specialist in the city of Antoinerei, Dr. Rooney, who’s said to have invented a device that would allow its user to freely travel across the planes of existence and create mirror images.The Captain of the Guard, Bruno, caught wind of Claude’s hallmark notice and installed monitoring devices all over Antoinerei to catch him. As soon as Claude entered the city, he was caught by the City Guards and placed in an inescapable prison that utilized some of the best technology. 

########Just when everyone thought this was the end of the Thief King’s reign, Claude’s mysterious partner helped Claude escape from the prison. Not only that, but they also successfully stole Dr. Rooney’s new invention from his lab, just as promised

  • Counters

    Angela Claude needs to approach the enemies to deal high amount of DPS. With the cover of his tank teammates his durability can be ensured, while assassins could help him reap enemies with low HP.
    Akai By utilizing the Demon Hunter Sword, Claude is able to inflict heavy pressure against enemies with high HP. His mobility and DPS allow him to take Lesley head on when laning.
    Gatotkaca Claude won't be able to utlize the power of Demon Hunter Sword against enemies with low HP, and for some heroes, their ability scales when their HP drops. These heroes are major threats to Claide. As a marksman, Claude is weak against assassins and other heroes with high armor.
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