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Long ago, the House of Akakage was hailed as the Gods of Ninja Arts. For generations, the Akakages researched and taught advanced ninjutsu. In order to achieve the pinnacle of ninja arts, the Akakages used a forbidden ninjutsu to rid their hearts of evil, anger, and greed by condensing them into a demon called, Hanekage. No one expected that Hanekage would have consciousness, despite lurking within their bodies.########When the legendary One Hundred Ghosts attacked the House of Akakage, the demon within them merged with the ghosts to become a single entity. Thus began a bloody feud between the Akakage and the powerful demon, Hanekage. At a grave cost, the Akakage used the ninjutsu, Blood Shadow, to temporarily seal the demon. In order to permanently seal Hanekage, the Akakages used their sacred tools to create a legendary sword, known as Ame no Habakiri. Not long after, the forefathers of the Akakage perished from the world. Their grieving disciples hid Ame no Habakiri in an unknown place that only members of the Akakage family could reach. Little did the Akakage know, the cunning Goddess of Death, Izanami, observed these events and secretly inserted a part of her soul in one of their progeny to one day resurrect Hanekage. ########After many generations, the House of Akakage was divided into the Crimson and Shadow factions. The Shadow Faction gave birth to strongest Akakage the clan has ever seen — Hanzo. As one would expect, Hanzo became the head of the Shadow Faction.########However, one day, Hanzo’s team discovered his secret. All this time, Hanzo secretly fused Hanekage’s power with his own body, feeding the demon with the blood of his enemies. When confronted by the Akakage’s Crimson Faction, Hanzo killed them all in cold blood. Absorbing the blood of such powerful people, Hanekage regained consciousness once again. ########Hanekage told Hanzo that his noble clan hid the powerful Ame no Habakiri, as well as sacred ninjutsu, in a secret location only the Akakage

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