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Onmyouji Master is a master of the yin yang arts, driven by powerful spirits, yin and yang. The Kagura family is the oldest and most powerful of the Onmyouji, with the most powerful of all being the Ancestor Master. Kagura, as one in the Onmyouji family with the most potentials, had been given the Seimei umbrella, an heirloom of yin yang arts passed down through generations. Legend has it that the umbrella had been refined by the great Seimei himself using power from a hundred ghosts, and now possess life and wisdom of its own only controllable by its rightful owner. After learning that her childhood playmate Hayabusa had headed to the land of dawn to undertake a dangerous mission, Kagura secretly took the Seimei umbrella and followed in Hayabusa\'s step, hoping to be able to help him in battle.

  • Counters

    Hayabusa Hayabusa is Kagura's childhood playmate, and they also make a good team. First attacker will be the assassin to slow the enemy down, then when Hayabusa casts his 3rd skill, Kagura can assist to deal damage to the enemy and end it.
    Layla Kagura can deal an amount of Killing damage to Layla as she has low defense, unless Layla has balanced offense and defense gear set. Kagura can fastly kill Layla when doing her combo. But if Layla survives, she will deal large damage to Kagura and lifesteal.
    Harley Basically, Harley can counter Kagura because he can teleport then teleport back in his positions. Unlike Kagura that can only teleport once to her umbrella (because of the cooldown). But that does not mean Kagura cannot stand a chance against Harley. If Harley made his move first before Kagura, she will stagger and get low health before she can attack Harley. There are also cases that when Kagura threw her umbrella, Harley then used his 3rd Skill to Kagura, slowing her down and making her very vulnerable. Kagura can't use her 2nd Skill: Active 1 which is her jump that removes debuff when she doesn't have her umbrella. That's why be careful when fighting Harley.
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