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The Celestial Palace, home of the gods, was once a bustling city patrolled by innumerable Nazar guardians. Any demon who dared approach the city would be overwhelmed by their peerless flying speed and bound by their fearsome lightning whips which would strip their victims of all magical abilities. No demon could escape when pursued by these divine warriors, and thus perpetual peace was maintained in the Celestial Palace. ########As their leader, Kaja was able to refine the power of lighting into pure energy to control as he so desired, inflicting catastrophic damage to all enemies who faced him, and was charged with directly protecting the ruler of the city. Countless eons ago, after the ruler completed the creation of the city\'s guardians and departed, the city gradually fell into a state of ruin. When Uranus was activated, the ruler of the Celestial Palace handed down new orders to the Nazar -- to drive the evil demons from the city and rebuild the Celestial Palace in anticipation of the master\'s return.

  • Counters

    Franco Initiator heroes with crowd control form great synergy with Kaja.
    Gusion The short costing time of Kaja’s ultimate can stop fast-moving enemies in their tracks.
    Martis Kaja’s ultimate will more than likely hit Sun’s doppelganger, rather than sun himself. Martis and Johnson are also not easily controlled, making Kaja’s ultimate rather useless against these heroes.
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