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Alaghat is a mysterious technique empire. There lives a strange humanoid race - Yasson. They are in human shape while having a pair of deformed feet. They are agile and born to fight. Meanwhile, they are also good at techniques that allow them to create a significant civilization and to invade the others. Since Karrie was a child, she was very talented and trained into an excellent and arrogant warrior leader, but at the same time, she lost her feelings and became a machine. During one battle, she was overconfident and got injured seriously. But a prophet from another race saved her and inject his consciousness into her brain. Since then there has been a voice in her head, the prophet told her that the ruin of her empire is about to come and there will be no Yasson anymore. After her escape from death, Karrie didn\'t believe it. But she started to suspect it after returning to her empire. For saving her empire, for her redemption, Karrie chose to believe and came to the Land of Dawn. What kind of destiny is waiting for her?

  • Counters

    Lolita This hero is a total nature enemy to Karrie , because this hero have skill that can block any damage that Karrie do , basic attack , Spinning Lightwheel , Phantom Step , almost everything !
    Cyclops Karrie can kill this hero with easy , because this hero need to get in close range to Karrie to hit Karrie with huge damage , and Karrie can quickly kill this hero before it reach Karrie .
    Chou Almost all this hero skill can stun the enemy , so while this hero stunned you , you can't do your job .
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