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Lancelot hails from the Baroque family of the Land of Dawn. At a young age he showed exquisite talent in the art of fencing, garnering the praise of the masses to the extent where he eventually became lost in delusions of grandeur. ########When the magical tribes of the south attacked, Lancelot, who had just awoken from a drunken stupor, arrogantly attacked them alone. After winning a few battles, he dropped his guard and pursued the remaining forces, but soon the tribes regrouped and defeated him, sending him plummeting to the mountain depths. ########He was found and nursed back to health by Princess Odette, and soon became enamored with her purity, understanding how wrong he was to be so arrogant and shallow in the past. While recovering at Swan Castle, Lancelot soon realized the magical potential of the Regina family, and was able to integrate it into his fencing, culminating in the shadow step maneuver. Now, he once again sets foot in the arena of battle to test his new skills.

  • Counters

    Aurora Mages has a high damage capacity for a short period of time. This will help Lancelot to instantly kill the enemy using his Ultimate.
    Layla Marksman has a low amount of HP, during late game Lancelot can instantly kill.
    Natalia Natalia has a skill that can silence you (unable to use skill). This will help to kill Lancelot before Lancelot can use his skills and additional to that Natalia can be Invinsible everytime she goes to bushes.
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