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The mysterious waters to the south of the Land of Dawn are dotted with islands big and small. Here the land is fertile, the climate mild. Life thrives, and food is in abundance. People live lives of peace and happiness. But one day, a group of invaders came upon this peaceful land and disrupted the happy lives of the people. ########The chief of Makadan Island, Lapu-Lapu, refused to become anyone\'s slave. \"The enemy has iron spears. We have brave hearts,\" he declared. Lapu-Lapu took up his twin blades and led his people into battle, slaying countless invaders. Under his leadership, they won victory and the respect of the enemy, free once again to live in peace. But this incident of \"outside invaders\" made our hero aware of the world beyond the island, and though beset by enemies, he packed his bags and began a journey to learn about this world.

  • Counters

    Tigreal If you know tigreal is about to cast his ultimate . You might as well target him with your ultimate as he will gather the enemy team near him. He will set for you.
    Layla Layla is very easy to kill even with her haas claw which he may not be able to use since you could just burst the ultimate with a stun.
    Akai Akai can prevent you from casting your ultimate. Your ultimate takes time to channel and cast if they play well, they will keep an eye on you.
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