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Miya was born in the Temple of the Moon and studied hard to one day become a worthy sacrifice to the moon god. ########But when the fires of war of the race of men and orcs reached the moonlit shores of the moon elves\' lakeside habitat, Miya rose up and led forth her countrymen in defiance of foreign invaders. Despite their best efforts, Miya and her fellow elves were finally forced by the countless enemy horde to make a last stand in the Temple of the Moon. ########As Miya knelt in the center of the temple to offer prayers for one last time, just as the great army of men and orcs were about to destroy this sacred place, a miracle occurred. The moon god answered Miya\'s prayer and blessed her longbow with an ancient and powerful blessing. Miya grasped the bow and fired an arrow, which was transformed into an eagle spirit by the power of the stars, splitting the enemy army asunder. ########Miya led her countrymen out of the temple, raining showers of star-wrought arrows upon the enemy with each pull of her bow. Meanwhile her eagle hovered over the enemy, singling them out and attacking them. Like a falling tide, the humans and orcs quickly started to retreat. Miya and her countrymen retook the shores of the Moon God, and the moon elves recognized Miya and her spirit eagle as the Moon God incarnated. ########The young Miya knew in her heart that if this problem was not stopped at the root, the wars would never end. With the Moon God\'s blessing, she set out on a journey to the land of dawn, hoping to find a king who could bring peace and order back to this world.

  • Counters

    Lolita Miya is very fragile and requires the protection of her teammates to reach her full damage potential. Lolita can help her to achieve this.
    Hylos Miya’s damage is very high, so tanks who lack high damage will find it difficult to deal with her in the late game.
    Hayabusa Miya is very squishy, and without the aid of support heroes, is susceptible to assassins.
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