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Moskov, shooting to fame during the Dhamu Tournament, was already a battle master at his youth. He inherited the family\'s occult spear fighting skills, and as the next leader of the clan Wildsand, he was loved and respected by many. Watching Wildsand clan growing stronger day by day, the khan of Thornwolf which is the hegemony on Hietala Grassland couldn\'t sit back any longer. One day when the youngsters of Wildsand went out hunting, he slaughtered the entire clan with his own people. The whole land was scorched by blazing flames of war. Blood flowed like stream, yet a slight warmth still remained on the bodies of died families and friends. Faced with this cruel vision, Moskov could not persuade himself to accept it. But even worse, khan dispatched a formidable cavalty trying to hunt down the Moskov\'s hunting party which was the only survivors from the massacre. In a panic, some escaped and some wanted to surrender, and Moskov, for the very first time, lifted his spear and aimed at his own buddies. ########Suffering from this painful experience, Moskov became ruthless with a thought of revenge haunting him constantly. However, the khan was too strong to defeat. In order to obtain more power, Moskov chose to fall into the Abyss of Shadow and serve the Queen of Doom, becoming notorious as \'the Spear of Quiescence\' ever since.

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