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The Moon Elves are not the only race to call the Enchanted Forest home. A race of cat-like elves, the Leonins, also live in the forest. Cute, friendly and uninvolved in the conflicts of the world, they are the loyal preservers of the Enchanted Forest who make the area the fairyland paradise that it is. As the most ancient race of the Enchanted Forest, they possess a strong natural talent for all things magical.########Nana is special among the Leonins. With a bright personality and love of adventure, she is full of curiosity for all things new and hopes to one day leave her home and see the world.########But Nana also has a mischievous side that often causes trouble for those around her. She is naturally gifted with strong magical abilities, but doesn’t know how to control them. The most serious time she lost control of her impressive abilities resulted in the destruction of almost half the forest. In order to protect the Leonins from her uncontrollable magic abilties, Nana decided to leave her home behind. In her travels she met a Moon Elf named Miya who suppressed Nana’s magic abilities and then taught her the Moon Elve’s secret to control magical energies. The intelligent Nana quickly mastered the technique and became a powerful witch of the Leonin clan. She chose to follow Miya to the Land of Dawn and together search for a new King.

  • Counters

    Aurora Mages like Aurora, Due to her High damage kit, pairing her up with Nana would allow her to easily land her skills and making those 2 a pretty annoying combo to lane against.
    Fanny With so many Fanny roaming around, your “2” would come in handy in disabling her
    Natalia The Silence and her damage could shred you before you can even do anything.
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