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Roger lives outside the Black Forest in the east of the Megalith Wastelands. He was once an upstanding soldier of the empire whose greatest strength and weakness were his stubbornness. After leaving the army he became an experienced hunter who earned a living with his trade. Many dangerous animals live in the Black Forest. The most terrifying of these are not the rare magical beings but the hundreds of wolves led by the new “White Fang,” the new Wolf King. They use their skills in group tactics to attack in packs, and “White Fang” himself has awakened magic abilities within him with the help of an ancient power. In order to satisfy their need for food, the wolves began to appear outside the borders of the Black Forest where they would attack travelers passing by.########Motivated by his sense of justice, Roger determined to remove this threat to the common people. He followed “White Fang’s” tracks and discovered the wolves had surrounded a small village in preparation to attack. Suddenly a wolf’s howl broke the silence, and the pack of wolves rushed in and attacked all the inhabitants of the village. Just as “White Fang” was about to feast on an injured little girl, Roger used his hunting instincts to launch an attack and save the girl, whose name was Ruby, and her family. Roger succeeded in pushing back “White Fang” and his wolves, but was injured by the Wolf King in the battle. Roger mimicked the language of the wolves to warn “White Fang” to leave the village. The retreating “White Fang” looked back at the bloodied Roger, a look of enmity in his eyes. Unable to forget the fear that pierced his heart that day, Roger began to worry that “White Fang” would come back for revenge. He began to train Ruby in how to fight wolves. During this training, his body began to change. He knew these changes were somehow related to “White Fang.” For the safety of the others, Roger left the village in secret.########When Roger returned to his home, he slowly realized that the ancie

  • Counters

    Rafaela Roger deals high damage alone, and the control and acceleration skills of these teammates can help him deal even more.
    Hayabusa If this kind of burst hero can’t take Roger down quickly, Roger’s fast attack speed and lifesteal can make short work of them.
    Saber Roger can be killed quite easily when under control effects.
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